Monday, May 12, 2014

Edison + GRIT + You

I'm always inspired to hear about great people and how they were defined as such through the obstacles they overcame! It really feeds my soul and inspires me. I ran across this article and wanted to share. I've always admired Thomas Edison's work ethic but to read about this enormous challenge and potential setback he faced and how he powered through it gives me even more respect for him. How inspiring!!!

I also saw the TED talk a while ago. It essentially spreads the same message!

I've learned long ago that if you want to succeed in life you've got to "bulldoze" your way through your fears, challenges and failures! NOTHING COMES EASY---at least if it's worth having! I try to apply these same principles to my sewing. God knows I've had my fair share of failed projects, techniques I struggled (and still struggle) to get and plenty of fears and frustrations. But I refuse to give up! I REFUSE TO!!! Not until I've mastered this thing called sewing. I hope you feel the same way. There's too many success stories out there of people who have likewise faced their fair share of challenges and powered through with GRIT and determination. I have no idea why I'm on this rant LOL! Just feeling inspired I guess and spreading the love. Let's all go out and do something great together!!!!! Happy sewing to you!!!! Don't give up!  May every obstacle you face be a stepping stone towards greatness....


  1. Yes! I agree! I refuse to give up also, even if no one understands! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am right now trying to conquer some fears as it relates to my sewing as well. I have trying to follow a rule of sewing so many days of week. Lately with my full time job, home duties, and family duties, I've been coming up short. I am really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your garments. Thanks for sharing.


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