Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Want My Own Tracing Board!

While visiting my draping teacher's, Mrs. Pat's  studio (mentioned 2 posts ago) she showed me a small pinnable board (approx 24" X 36") in which she attaches her large sheets of wax paper and fabric with aluminum push pins and transfers markings to her fabrics. For the record her entire cutting board is pinnable!  Her smaller board is made out of some type of particle board (the name's slipped my mind at the moment) you can get out of any home improvement store. I think it's an AWESOME idea!!! So I found a similar idea on the BurdaStyle website HERE. You can see the image here. For my version I will use wax paper and I won't permanently affix it to the board. I'll just add it and fabric as needed using push pins and tracing necessary pattern markings (darts, ie.) using a pattern tracing wheel. It will just be a larger surface to transfer pattern markings and a better quality wax paper.

(image courtesy of

......and the wax paper HERE.

(image courtesy of

I'm particularly excited about the 26"X 39" wax tracing paper since the tiny store bought sheets are just too tiny and they don't last as long. I currently have the small 3"X 19.5" wax free sheets and it just doesn't mark as well. I've heard from several people, including my draping teacher, that the larger sheets last a LONG time and are far superior in quality. After seeing a demonstration from Mrs. Pat I'm definitely convinced.  The only drawback is that you have to be careful about leaving smudge marks on your fabric if you apply pressure or accidentally mark it. To my knowledge, unlike wax free sheets you can't always remove wax tracing paper markings and ironing sets in the marks. That's why it's recommended to use a wax tracing paper in a color close to the fabric you're using. Either way I'm ready to make the switch and will start ordering/buying my supplies. I can't wait to set up my own tracing board!!!!


  1. Hi Victoria, that's a fabulous idea with the pinning board. By any chance it is called a peg board?

  2. victoria, what a great idea! and thanks for the tip on where to get the wax tracing paper! Do you know how long I've been looking for some! I absolutely hate the "wax free" paper that Joann and Hancock are selling now! I have bookmarked this store for my future purchases of tracing paper! Thanks again and good luck with your tracing board!


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