Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Sewing Plans

Happy August to ya! Can't believe how fast this year is moving! Well I'm on the second half of my 2 month July/August sewing challenge. I'm happy with my sewing in July. I was able to make 2 really cute dresses (The Atlanta Wedding Dress) and (The Denim "cut-out" Dress. I also spent the month working with a client on a project.

I don't know what happened but it's looking like the client work is dominating my sewing time at the moment! Right now I'm working with 4 clients on projects ranging from basic alterations to making pillows and custom capes and dresses. If permitted I look forward to sharing the finished projects with you. Things are stabilizing with my clients so I plan to sneak in some sewing for myself. I currently have 4 personal projects in various stages of completion.  I hope to wrap these up this month. Plus this month is a special one. It's my Wedding Anniversary & Daughter's Bday month. So I'm planning to make some cute outfits to celebrate both occasions. Look what I'm thinking about for these 2 events.

My dress fabric. I picked a pattern but am keeping it a surprise. Interesting, huh? It's a floral watercolor printed jacquard! Oh, be still my heart!!!

A special outfit for my daughter's bday using Simplicity 2431. I'm loving the little dress!
Well this is where I am with all of my sewing at the moment. Hope all is going well with you. You have any exciting sewing plans for the month????


  1. Victoria, I just read your interview with Blue Gardenia. I loved the conversation! Your goals are fab, and I wish you and I lived closer. Your attitude is phenomenal!! Blessings to you, you inspire me. Though I have sewn since I was 12, i am now back into sewing after a 10+ year hiatus, and relearning all of my skills. You inspire!

  2. That pattern choice for your daughter is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it made up...soon...

  3. Love that fabric. Can not wait to see what you make of it.

  4. Very nice fabric Victoria! I love surprises too! Whatever the pattern, it's bound to be great with this fabric! I have been really lazy lately, so not much sewing going on...I sure hope that changes soon, or it will be anther summer of missed projects!

  5. Wow! You are super busy these days. First, Congratulations on your Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your adorable little lady.

    On the sewing note, you have quite a few client projects. I know it difficult to get some sewing in for yourself. I'd enjoy seeing what you're making for them.

    Love your fabric. I'm sure your outfit will be spectacular. And the pattern for the little one is cute too.

    Good luck on all your projects.


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