Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Crazy Denim Saga comes to a Good End....

Ok, I'm tired of talking about that strange denim I've been mentioning in the last 2 posts and I'm sure you're tired of hearing it (wink)! But there is a silver lining in it all. Susan left a comment on my last post (THANKS SUSAN!!!) on how I should just return the fabric since it was defective. I hadn't thought about that at all. I figured once I washed it I was liable for the results. But I talked to someone at Jo-Ann's (it helps that I visit the store like every other day and am on a first name basis with the managers! LOL!). I explained the situation and they told me to bring in the fabric with my receipt. So that went well!!!

As a result of the return I had a $17 credit  which I thought I'd use to get a piece of fabric I'd been STALKING for the last several weeks. This gorgeous gray knit sweater knit with gold and silver threads. It's really lightweight and would make for a cute tunic or short dress!!!

It's so PRETTY!!!!! I had a few reservations about paying the $19.99/yd price tag--and I'd need 2 so that would've been a $40 price tag (I know, I'm too frugal for my own good but I can't help it (wink)! Well it turns out I had a 50% off coupon and I combined that with the store credit and only paid $5 for the fabric. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Well I think I can call this situation a "Story Book Ending"----well one for a seamstress that is! LOL!

So the moral of the story is if you suspect you may have a similar situation buy your fabric piece and an addt'l swatch. Wash the swatch as a test and If you have any problems you can return the fabric and your only loss is a swatch!!!

Oh yeah, and just so you don't think I'm INSANE here's the "disapearing design denim" as seen in-store. I snapped a pic of it today at Jo-Ann's. What a cool design, huh? Too bad washing it removes it:(


  1. That is awful that it disappears, especially for that much money. Does Joann's have any polka dot denim. Ever since I saw polka dot skinny jeans at Anthropologie, I have been wating some, but I can't pay anthropologies prices.

    1. Rachel I've never seen polka dot denim but it sounds really cool. I'm going to have to look those up.

  2. My friend too thought that since she washed it, it was a lost...wonderful ending!!! Victoria don't tell me, you are a "Fabric Stalker"...SMH...LOL :)

  3. Wow, that pattern really disappeared! I find it interesting that the new knit has a really similar vibe to the denim you returned. You're on a wavelength!

  4. I'm glad you got your money back. I take everything back that is not as it should be and mostly get good responses. I hope they don't leave it on the shelves now they know it's defective!

  5. You know I've seen some of the sweater knits at the local fabric store (where I too am a bit of a "fabric stalker" and am on a first name basis with everyone there). I wouldn't know where to start with such a fabric. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it. And I am glad the fabric store allowed returns because that design really did disappear! By the way, I love this blog...

  6. Sorry to hear about the fabric mishap. However, glad that there was a happy ending.

    I am thinking the design may have been painted with an embossing powder then was heated to set the raised design, which did not hold up well to washing, and may have been the culprit for the disappearing design.

    Found this link:

    "While most type of cotton fabric do not fade easily, some are dyed in a unique manner that makes it more susceptible to fading. This includes denim, which is a thick fabric woven from cotton fibers. Manufacturers brush denim with dye so that it only lays on the surface." This prevents the dye from touching, and perhaps dyeing, your skin. This causes fabric that is only dyed on one side to fade quickly.

  7. Fabric stalker.... that silver/gray fabric is GORGEOUS!

  8. I am sooo glad for your post regarding this denim. I almost purchased it. I am glad I told myself next time. It is beautiful in person and the price tag was not cheap. I would have been hot!!! Sorry you had to be the one to take one for the team. But, thanks for sharing:-)

  9. I have a piece of polka dot denim. I am not sure if I got it at JoAnns or Hancocks. Mine is blue denim with a white polka dot.

    You came out nice with your credit and coupon :O)

  10. That's the weirdest thing I'ver ever heard of! Glad you were able to get something out of it! Very pretty fabric too


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