Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Disappearing Denim Design Follow-up.......

Thanks guys to all of your responses to my last post. Some of your stories were unbelievable!!!! Now it looks like I have a story to contribute also.  Well it looks like the denim fabric design was completely washed out. All that remains is a subtle imprint of it that you can only barely see by looking at the fabric sideways. Bummer. I'll save the denim for jeans I plan to make in the future.
 (this is the denim in direct sunlight. If you look closely you can see the animal print texture but the dyed design is no longer there:(

  I was planning on sewing a denim peplum top and already had NewLook #6130 all set and ready to go. I'd decided to make it last week and had been shopping for what I thought was the perfect fabric. I'd hoped to pair it with white pants or capris. I'll have to put that idea on hold until I can get some more denim that I like. Sigh.........

 But as my Mom used to say "One monkey don't stop the show"! Such a funny saying! LOL!  I've got another ace up my sleeve and I'm in the process of sewing up something else to wear later this week. I'll give details then but WOW, this was really a learning experience!!! I declare the more you sew the more you know!!!! I enjoy expanding my knowledge bank!!!! I've definitely never washed away a fabric design before. From now on I'll definitely scrutinize specialty fabrics like that denim. I may purchase a piece and then purchase a separate swatch to test in the washer. If the fabric changes then I could always take the original piece back for a refund.

Well let me get going. I have to finish up my latest piece and wrap up some client work. Here's a sneak peek of the fabric I'm currently working with.......the color is WAY more lively than my camera phone captured. I can't wait to share the finished piece:).....
Take care and happy sewing to ya!!!

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  1. You should be able to take this back for a refund. Most stores will refund your money, they want you to be happy. If you still have the receipt, take it back.


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