Monday, August 6, 2012

Quickie Bar Stool "Slipcover" tutorial

One of my clients has me doing a good deal of home decor sewing! She's just wonderful and has such exquisite taste (love you Audrey!!!) One of my tasks was to create bar stool "slipcovers" to give a new look to her bar stools. Her original one's were a basic tan cotton and she wanted to use home decor fabric to spice them up a bit and add decorative flair to her kitchen. They turned out so cute! Unfortunately, I thought I took a final pic of the new covers on the stools but can't turn up the pic. But you can get an idea from the photos below.

 I'm working on some other home decor projects for her currently and to be quite honest I'm getting the "home decor itch"! I plan to begin some home decor projects of my own. But here's the quickie bar stool "slipcover" tutorial.

-Bar stool pillow or form
- Tissue paper
- Home decor fabric
- protractor
- 1/4" to 3/8" elastic
- measuring tape
- sewing machine/serger

1. Create a pattern. There are only 2 pieces--the top of the stool and the underside piece that extended around the stool base. I actually traced the pillow to create my pattern. To be more exact you can take the diameter and draw it using a protractor. I created the underside piece by measuring the width and length on the stool. Remember to add seam allowances to the pattern pieces:)

2. Here are the 2 pattern pieces in tissue paper.
3. The patterns being cut out of the home decor fabric. It's hard to see but the fabric has shades of brown but also blue. It's alot livelier than you can see here. It's really pretty. I made 2 covers for my client since she had 2 stools.

4. I sewed the long retangular pattern piece around the circular one. Of course I tidied the seam and edge using my serger. I had a nifty elastic tool on my serger that made it easy to sew the elastic to the base of the cover. I just had to play with the tension on a scrap piece of fabric. Once I settled on it I was able to sew the elastic on super quick!

5. Here are the new covers. The one on the left is covering the old pillow form so you can see it fits well. The one on the right shows you the elastic details. She liked these without the addition of buttons.


Again, I thought I had a photo but can't find it. But trust me, we put them in her kitchen and they just added a warm feel to the place. She loved them! I love to decorate like the next Woman but I see I've been really underestimating how impactive mini makeovers like these are!!! These were SUPER simple!!! Well gotta go---have some more home decor sewing to do. But before I do, let me ask---"Have you done any home decor sewing"? If so, what's your favorite piece(s) to sew? Do share:)

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  1. I love Home Dec sewing! I did quite a few Better Homes magazines and had the honor of having a home dec display featured in one of IKEA's flagship stores. My kitchen is in need of a makeover as we just finished painting in the spring but - I'm finishing my clothes first! LOL!!! Luv the covers!!


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