Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sewing Jots & Tittles 8.7.12

Sewing jots & tittles is my weekly/bi-weekly post chronicling all of my ideas and thoughts---whether insightful or just plain zany! Here's what's been bouncing off the recesses of my mind this week.....

-I want a really quick dress for the weekend. This looks like a great option. I'm certain I'll change my mind 50 times but I will have a dress or something to wear regardless! LOL!

-A very helpful book! Trying to develop some more business ideas.....

-Got an extra scratch-off on Jo-Ann's flyer by mistake. Thought I'd be a lucky girl.  Not!

-Was serging with 4 threads. Notice only 3. One fell down behind desk. And I just kept on sewing! LOL!

-Had to choose between the teal or silver stretch tafetta. So tough! Walked around Jo-Ann's 30 min before I could even decide. The teal won out!!!

-Young client's dress muslin (Simplicity 1927) fit perfectly straight out of the envelope with NO alterations. I so wish that was always the case for me! LOL!

-I SO want this fabric for a dress for my daughter!!!

-Picked up the cutest paisley at out-of-town Hancock's fabric. It's a twill paisley print in CRAZY bright colors. Love it!!!

-Gorgeous sweater knit at Jo-Ann's. Hoping some will be left to use a 50% off coupon with!

- Racked up with Wawak.com order (formerly Atlanta Thread). They had buy 2 get 1 zipper free sale. Bought 30 invisible zippers (they're SO cheap) and got 15 free! Not bad at all!

-While I shopped for fabric my Wee-One enjoyed hiding out in the basket. Hey, whatever keeps her occupied!



-They should really think about making these gowns in smaller sizes! LOL! Not to worry visit was just a precaution.

-Didn't have to read the "ham and water product" description. The company name  "Corn King" made me nervous! LOL!

-One of the best facial scrub recipes!!!

-They are SO wrong! Option 2 shouldn't be an option! It's an OBVIOUS punishment! Geesh!!!

Sign I saw in Atlanta. Shocking!!! Not the Obama part but the small black sign underneath! I'm not one to usual point out ignorance but some people make it really easy. Broadcasting your political opinions/predjudices in such a manner is hardly appropriate! Why can't we all just get along!!!! Geesh!!!

-No local Whole Food's. Visited one while in ATL and my Hubby and I indulged. Notice Hubby's guilty look.

Loved their black cherry chicken wings! GOTTA find that recipe!


  1. Good choice on the teal fabric. And I'm in LOVE with the paisley twill. Gorgeous!
    That sign is a sad sight indeed :(

  2. You get better Joann's fliers than I do and Amen to getting along. Sewing promotes that in a way. Peaceful. Well, mostly.

  3. Yum the cherry chicken dinner looks great! I also love the paisley twill.

  4. Victoria don't your Wee-one need some little company,I'm just saying :) The food looks so tasty...HOLLAR...LOL ;D


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