Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Got Muse???

Definition of MUSE

: a source of inspiration; especially : a guiding genius

For those of you who are fans of Project Runway you'll recall Nick Verreos from season 2 who won the "My Scene Barbie Challenge". Well he designed a outfit for Barbie and credited his muse, his assigned model for the inspiration.
(Photo of Nick Verreos courtesy of Project Runway)

 (Photo of the My Scene Barbie Challenge winning outfit and Nick's model/muse on the right)

At some point during the season he actually lost his model to someone else and it was obvious he struggled with coming up with ideas without the aid of his muse. For some reason that always stuck with me. I didn't really know what a muse was and then I looked it up. What a concept. Can a person really inspire another's fashion design creativity???

I posted about things that inspire my sewing just a few weeks ago. But there was one thing I intentionally left off of the post since I knew I'd be talking more in depth about it later. In the last few months I've made an interesting discovery about myself.  Actually this discovery came on the tail end of me beginning my fashion design sketching earlier this year. I realize that I have a hard time just thinking about design ideas just out of the blue. I mean I could think of random ideas but had a hard time connecting and visualizing them without a face & body to connect them to. Well that was until I got a muse. My muse is actress Megan Good.
(Actress Megan Good)

 She's a very talented and beautiful actress. The funny thing is I never set out to pick her or anyone else for a muse. It just sorta happened. I've seen several of her movies and she's usually very stylish and fashion forward in them. Inadvertently my mind mentally migrated back to some of her fashion choices and then I just began to create new fashion ideas with her in mind. She's like a little Barbie so it's easy to imagine her in different fashion designs. And for some reason it's easier to imagine her in different types of clothing then myself. Hey I'm not going to question it, I'll just go with it. I plan on creating some of these ideas one day and wearing them myself or even sale them. Who knows. I have to admit, I love the idea of having a muse, it makes the fashion design process ALOT easier on me especially since I'm such a visual person.

Also, for the record, my youngest muse just so happens to be my "Wee-One". She always manages me to inspire me to make such pretty "special occasion" dresses for her to wear.

(My Wee-One's Father/Daughter banquet dress from earlier this year)

What about you? Do you have a muse or muses? Who are they and why?


  1. I've never really thought about a muse, although there are many women whose style I admire. I seem to be inspired by so many different sources and that is more about the creativity of others than the style of a particular person, if that makes any sense. I am equally inspired by the casual style of Ellen DeGeneres as I am by the original style of Cyndi Lauper or the elegance of Susan Sarandon. The great thing about sewing is that I can wear garments like all of these women and many more!

  2. Pinterest is my muse!!!! Whenever I she the pretty outfits or polyvore sets I always want to go immediately to the sewing machine.

  3. The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama is my muse.

  4. Well, I have only a muse, my inspiration comes from a period of fashion, 50s fashion specifically, this film also carries that same time so I can say that my muse is "intangible" you. However, I am totally in love with your little muse!

  5. Victoria! Email me! You are going to get the one of a kind sewing kit! I can't wait to send it to you!!!!

  6. Oh yes! Yes I do! My best friend Enid is something of a muse to me, when I'm working on a new design I'll often work with her on it... We've had evenings of draping sessions after the babies go to bed, me pinning and re-arranging fabric over her frame, she's standing still and we chat. It's really, really pleasant and I know if I can please Enid, it's likely I'll please lots of people...


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