Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Inspires my Sewing (in pictures).......


 (The possibility of my own runway show)

 (Inspiring others)

 (Vibrant colors)

(The Book title says it all---my aim in sewing for sure!)

 (The Peace & Tranquility it provides)

 (The crusade against negative self images)

(Bold patterns)

 (The smiles of satisfied clients)

 (Special Occassions)

(Other Creators/ Artists such as God........)

( and Michelangelo, etc.)

(The Full spectrum of beauty. I love sewing for them all!)

(My daughter. She inspired this dress. She's my youngest muse)

(My custom dressform. Just makes me want to drape and sew til' my hearts content)

(Freedom of Expression)

(Saving Money)

(Lots and lots of fabric)

(Spreading the message to others. Sewing for others allows me to do that.)

And many, many, many more things!!!!
What inspires your sewing????


  1. I really like all your pictures and inspiration! Those things inspire me too!!

  2. That is a great and thorough list of inspirations! Lots of things inspire me to sew too. I like to remember my Mom sewing for me when I was little as I sew for my children. Seeing what others make really inspires me, I guess that is why we love sewing blogs! I like to see all the beautiful garments you make, one of my favorite dresses of yours was that long green one with white circular print. Also loved the swimsuits, I'm hoping to make myself one for next year (it is already cool where I live!). Thanks for sharing. Shauna

  3. You are someone who inspires my sewing -and thank-you for that. I love what you make and what you write, long may it continue.

  4. Awesome post. Lots to think about now. Thanks for the inspiration:-)

  5. Women like you who share their skills and inspiration with the rest of us. Thank you.

  6. You are an inspiration to me! I really enjoy your blog and I always learn something from your sewing journey.

  7. you do!

    Movement inspires me. Dance, horseback riding, hiking all show me that though I am aging, I still have a body which serves me well. I love to clothe that body in pretty things.

  8. I love this post! My sewing is inspired by a need to create- first. But then it is also inspired by colour, fit, saving money, expressing myself, etc. I just know that I love to sew and I find it so relaxing when I sew. Even if I sew for only 15 minutes, it is relaxing. And something that I learned from this blog is that I'll only get better. I love the title and your goal for 10 000 hours of sewing. It really inspires me!

  9. Just about everything you listed in your post inspires me as well! (with the exception of those personal to you of course!). I'm truly inspired by life itself and sounds like you are to...we could be inspired by just about anything!

  10. Awwww thanks Ladies for the kind compliments (blushing)! It goes without saying that you likewise inspire me too! I hope you continually be inspired in increasing ways and may it be reflected in the beautiful clothes you make:)


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