Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sewing Jots & Tittles 10.4.12

Sewing Jots & Tittles, my weekly postings about what's been going on in my world of sewing and beyond....


(I LOVE these! They're so funny. I've never had this problem. We seamstresses are all polite well behaved ladies:)

(Well it's not quite this serious but it's darn close! Ask my husband! LOL!)

 (Ross had Nine West pumps! They're patent leather only on the toes and heel. I couldn't pass these ups. They are comfortable enough to run in! Plus they make me feel like Betty Bop:)

 (I want a metallic jacket this season. This one's great and had dark and teal blues and golds in it. I need to find the perfect fabric.)

 (....and I want a shirtdress too! I love my daughter's)

(This fabric was love at first sight. I didn't even hesitate. It didn't have a chance to escape! LOL)

(My daughter has a costume book fair at the end of this month. This is one of her favorite books. Looks like this could be the costume I sew for her. I'm excited!)

 (Free fabric! A dear friend bough me fabric back from Portugal. I love these 2 pieces. The one on the right is a lightweight polyester and the one on the left is jersey like knit in a pretty watercolor design. Love these.)

(The fall fabrics are out, not organized, but out. I've pulled the patterns as well. Let the fabric/pattern pairing for fall begin.)

 (It goes to show you can pickle almost anything. I'll pass on this, thanks!)

 (Pepperoni Ziti!!!! Recipe HERE. Regular version on top and gluten free on bottom.  Just used gluten free noodles & cream of mushroom soup for mine.)

(Got the BEST deal at Sally's beauty supply store. I like to save money by doing my own pedi's. The CC is the fancy tool they use at some nail salon's to get rid of any tough patches of skin (gotta be careful though, it's really sharp but makes your feet baby soft). It was $10 and I had a $5 off coupon. And I got the 10 blades for it for free ($8 value). So $18 worth of stuff for $5. I LOVE it!!! 

 (I see covers like this and I wonder "Who cares"? I want him to be happy and all like the next person, I'm just not willing to get all up in his business! These mags seem so invasive!

(My new fave gluten-free blueberry & coconut muffins!!!! I scored catching them on discount. I bought like 18 packs! LOL!)

(Beautiful sunset---the entire sky was red! It was amazing)

(The "Stingray Photobomb" photo went viral! It is hilarious! I love stingrays)

(Took myb "Wee-One" to the Jacksonville Zoo. I love her with the Gorilla behind the glass. What a cool pic)

(I LOVE this quote. Keeps me on my toes!!!)


  1. Victoria,

    I was told I had a gluten "intolerance" two years ago. I was totally gluten free for a while, but now I just listen to my body.

    1. Great to hear Unknown (wish I knew your name)! Yeah, for some people all it take is some weaning off gluten and they can go back to it in small amounts:)

  2. Have you seen this sewing funny?

    1. Rachel, that's hilarious!!!! LOL! Gotta love that ever growing fabric stash!!!

  3. Love the new fabric! You should try the pickled watermelon rind. I grew up eating it, it's actually good--kinda sweet!! At least the kind my parents bought was...


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