Sunday, September 2, 2012

10,000 Hour Challenge Review/ Emergency Surgery

Thanks for all of you guys comments to my last post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your personal feelings & explanations on how fast or slowly you choose to finish your sewing projects. It was very enlightening!!!

Wow September is already here!!!! Christmas is right around the corner ya'll. Isn't that crazy!!! It's time for me to review my sewing for July & August. I did alot of sewing for myself and others. For myself I made......

1. New Look 6557---Dress for Atlanta Wedding.
2. Butterick 5601---Denim Cut-Out Dress.
3. Simplicity 1810--- Sheer Leopard Print
4. Simplicity 2580- Anniverary top #1
5. McCall's 6241- Anniversary top #2

I had a bit of client work that kept me busy as well. I had a couple of home decor projects which included pillows and stool covers. I had a dress to make for a young client and a costume piece for another client. Plus a good bit of alterations. I actually had a "Stay-Cation" at the end of August before my Anniversary trip and was able to get alot done during that time.

My Sewing/ Sewing Related Hours Tally were: 
July= 89
August = 112

Well now I need to plan my sewing for September & October but I'm still debating whether to continue sewing warm weather clothes, since it will likely still be warm during those months, or get started on my fall wardrobe. I'll get something figured out in the next week or so.

One highlight for this month is I start my in-home Draping Course. You may recall I mentioned a few posts ago that I would be teaching myself to drape. I'm working on my course schedule and look forward to starting and keeping you guys abreast of my progress.

But I do have one task I need to tackle ASAP---an emergency surgery! It seems like my daughter's dolly Sally is leaking filling and in need of major repair. Sally is one of her favorite dolls that she got as a bday present last year.
 Out of all of the sewing I do, I would say that the sewing that puts a smile on my "Wee-One's" face is the most rewarding. BTW, I'll admit the patient tomorrow and hopefully she'll be in recovery later that day! (smile).

Hope your sewing & craft plans for the month are off to a good start!!!!


  1. Oh, how adorable. I love that you do surgery for Sally the doll...and I love that you refer to your little girl as your "wee one". It brings back memories, my grandma used to call me that too.


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