Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let the Draping Begin!!!

Ok, you may recall my August 9th post where I mentioned I'd be taking the initiative to teach myself how to Drape. Well I'm all ready to get started.

Here's my textbook........

This is a textbook from 2008 and is great. But I REALLY want Connie Crawford's 2012 The Art of Fashion Draping textbook. I REALLY ( a thousand times over) want it!!! The pictures and diagrams are even clearer and there's loads of extra helpful tidbits. I hope I can get it in the next couple of months and can pick up my lessons using it.

I already have the First 10 Topics/ lessons all organized beginning with the contents of chapter 4. They will be as follows:

Lesson 1   Basic Front Bodice Drape
Lesson 2   Basic Back Bodice Drape
Lesson 3   Convert Front & Back Bodice Drapes to Pattern

Lesson 4   Basic Skirt Drape Front
Lesson 5   Basic Skirt Drape Back
Lesson 6   Fit analysis, true front/back bodice/ convert front/back drapes to pattern

Lesson 7   Draft Basic Sleeve
Lesson 8   Determine cap ease & notch placements
Lesson 9   Make Sleeve adjustments & pattern corrections

Lesson 10 Facings

(BTW, after these basic lessons things will begin to intensify. Dart manipulation lessons will follow.)

I won't assign a date to these lessons. Instead I'll take them on as my schedule permits. I hope to at least get in 1 to 2 a week but with my personal and client sewing that may not always be possible. Of course I will do a post regarding each lesson. Gotta keep you guys up to speed on my progress!

I'm pretty excited!!! I know understand how designs are made will help me with my sewing and creating my own designs (I've got a few sketches of ideas thus far). I'll start with Lesson 1 the Basic Front Bodice Drape this week after I pick up some muslin. I also need to finish a peplum top for myself. Lots going on. Wish me luck!!!


  1. I am super excited for you! I have been thinking about learning to drape as well..

  2. What about some online lessons after you learn???

    1. Cool idea Faye! I might be a little "wet behind the ears" but I'll see about slipping in a vlog or two:)

  3. Yeah...what Faye said. This sounds like exciting learning up ahead!

  4. oohhhhh this sounds very interesting.


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