Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Night Out & Burda Pattern Sale

I'm pooped! What a long day! I began it early this morning by taking a little detour on the way to work. Did you know that Burda patterns are currently on sale at Jo-Ann's for $2.49??? Well they are!!! I think it's just until Saturday. I stopped in to pick up several since they go on sale every once in a while---maybe something like 2 to 3 times of year. Unfortunately at my local Jo-Ann's the amount of duplicate patterns was VERY low. I ended up buying the last of several patterns.

I have a good bit of patterns since a couple of seasons have passed since they were last on sale and I won't buy them unless they're on sale. Here's my haul.....

Also, tonight across the U.S. was Fashion Night Out. Did you go???
Well Savannah had it's 2nd one and I attended for the first time on tonight. I have to say I was pleasantly suprised. It definitely brought out tons of people and there were fun activites like fashion shows that added some excitement to the air. Also, I loved looking at all of the fashions everyone was wearing. It was cool seeing so many different styles!  Now, I would have LOVED to be in NYC for this event and maybe one year will but I really enjoyed this event. Unfortunately I don't have any good pics since my cell phone battery died but I've got the memories. It was good fun!

Did you get to attend the "Fashion Night Out" in your city??? Any excitement to report?

Ok that was my day. Off to bed I go!


  1. Wow,I didn't know anything about Fashion's Night Out. I don't think we had one in Macon. Sounds like glamorous fun.

  2. You got some really nice Burda patterns. I will have to go there at lunch time.

  3. You have a great haul of Burda patterns Victoria and thanks for the tip on the sale...I'm heading over today and hope I can get some!

    I didn't even know about "Fashion Night Out"! If this is something that's done every year, I need to check out the local events...that is if we have anything here, hope so!

  4. Those are some great patterns you picked up. I wish I'd known about the sale, I totally missed out!

  5. How do you keep track of which patterns you have? Do you buy fabric for a specific pattern or with something in mind (jacket, pants) or do you simply buy what material catches your eye? Any tips??


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