Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sewing Jots & Tittles 9.19.12

Woot-Woot! It's hump day and the week is nearing it's end. Hope you guys have had a great week so far. Well I have and I've got ALOT I want to get into this weekend. Here's what's in essence been on my mind or the last week or so......

All of the Sewing Stuff......

You can check out home decor samples at Jo-Ann's just like you'd check out a library book (except it involves a deposit). Cool, I didn't know that!

I don't get any of the real fancy cable channels but I was delighted to run across the Sundance channel Reality show "All on the Line" with Joe Zee, the Creative Director at Elle. You can stream it Instantly on Netflix. His show is geared toward helping struggling fashion designers launch their lines. I'm only 3 episodes in but love, love, love it. I learn alot from these types of shows. Fashion design as a career is no joke. It's brutal. It's cool to learn some of the in's and out's as a "fly on the wall" so to speak!

Revisiting this pattern. This is officially my weekend project.

I  so wanted to pick up this wool suiting until I read the warning label "fabric may crock". Then I looked it up and realized that if washed or even rubbed too much there would be dye transference (hopefully that can be avoided by dry cleaning as instructed). That happened to me recently  My hubby washed a new pair of my black cotton capris with his white t-shirts and all of his t-shirts came out green. Go figure. 

My "Wee One" would grab my favorite fabric and use it as a blanket. She said it was super warm. I said she had 2 seconds to give it back. I then hid it when she wasn't looking!!! LOL!

Saw this Rayon Challis leopard fabric print with leopard face at What??? Is it me or does this look really creepy?  I've never seen anything quite like it.

I have a friend/co-worker from Portugal who purchased this fabric for me when he visited several months ago. He's since returned back home and is planning another visit next week. I've asked for more fabric but haven't used this piece yet. I've got to make something quick to show I'm deserving of fabric everytime he visits. LOL! I'll think of something.

Wow! I used to say that until I had one! LOL! Those 3 hour sleep intervals with a newborn were crazy!!!

Went to Sam's and bought a few items for a work party. They all added up to be $100 even with tax. That's never happened before.

Gum in dessert flavors. American's have quite the obsession with dessert, huh???

My favorite soup from Nourish. The scent is heavenly. It only comes out a Christmas time and I only have one bar left. I can't bring myself to use it. Can't wait to stock up in a few months!

This sunrise view made for a pleasant highway ride!!! The photo doesn't do it justice!

I've never been more angered by an infomercial. The worst part was a testimonial that said "you don't have to change your lifestyle or eating habits. Your tummy will shrink regardless". I think I had fire coming out of my ears. What a con-job!!! Let me stop before I start getting fired up again!

Growing up my Ken dolls never had a six pack. Wow they've come a long way. And is it me or is Ken's hair (top left) absolutely ridiculous or what??? LOL!

My lemon snowballs were a hit!!! They're so light and lemony. My "Wee-One" had powdered sugar everywhere!!! You can find the recipe HERE!

Ok, that's enough of my thoughts for the week. Until next time....Happy Sewing to ya.....


  1. Oh I am so with you on that Tummy Tuck thing!!! I hate those infomercials too! Your "wee one" is sooo cute!

  2. Haha always enjoy your jots and pics.. your little daughter is just too adorable:)

  3. Oh I am with you on that tummy tuck thing too. And your observations on the Ken doll - I guess this objectification of the body can make unrealistic expectations of men too. ANd really, that's too bad for all of us. And your "wee one" wrapped up in the fabric - that is such a kid thing to do!

  4. LMBO Ken's hair was funny and yeah those infomercials are too much you want a flat stomach you have to work for it, and even then genetics might fight you.

  5. Your favorite scent can be found at The Scent Works as a fragrance oil. Try the Lebermuth's version. You will need to add the fragrance oil to something before putting it on your skin. I like adding my fragrance oils to carrier oils or linen spray from Wholesale Supplies Plus. If you like citrus scents, try Energy fragrance oil from Brambleberry. I purchased a log of their energy soap. I love scents and called myself making items for family until I fell in love with sewing. Bye bye soap and lotion supplies. Hello fabric.


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