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Sewing Jots & Tittles 12.17.11

Wow it's been a little while since I did one of these post! Here's just a few things I've been focusing on.....

-Almost finished.....
I'm currently working on Simplicity 2305 and just have to add the skirt and zipper. I'd hoped to have it ready for a party last week but with back to back parties I just didn't make it in time. The fabric, which I love is a charmeuse from Jo-Ann's called "ostritch feathers". It's such a cool fabric.

-Time for a Coat
I might re-think that notion if we keep having 70 F temperatures. But while running through JC Penny to do some Black Friday returns I saw this coat. I love a bright colored coat with black buttons.
  I have to make at least 2 coats this Winter. Even if the weather isn't consistently cold:) Time to go rummaging through my coat patterns.

-You can always find things cheaper
I bought a fancy bra contraption for this dress. I wasn't happy that in a time crunch I ended up having to pay $30+ for it (including the bra). Well I ran across one of the devices I used at an outlet store and look at the price. It was $1.99. Searching when you have the time is usually always worth while.

-Nude Shoe
I've wanted a pair since this Summer. I ran across this Steve Madden pair at Burlington Outlet's. Although they're cute, I didn't want them as a platform and with a strap. I'll keep searching. Hope to find some soon.

-Edwardian shoe
I must admit that I love shoes and I particularly love unique one's but this shoe was a BIT over the top. Look at those ruffles! Over the top all right!!!

I'm heading back to Barrow, Alaska (it will be my 4th trip) in less than a month for a 2 week long research trip and am in need of some additional warm clothes. The temperature there could be anywhere between -20F to -60F. Either way it will be EXTREMELY cold, painfully so. I've got a great jacket, wind proof pants, polypropylene undergarments, etc. and just wanted to bring along some warm fleece hoodies to go with these other items.  A particular fleece that's really warm is the Polartec brand which is used in North Face & other high end hoodie companies. Those hoodies are way too expensive so I'm thinking about ordering the Polartec fleece and sewing my hoodies myself. I found a fabric mill HERE and will call on Monday. We'll see... Aside from that, does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get some deeply discounted North Face or REI fleece? I'd like some of their hats & gloves too.

-Angry Birds Formal
A friend sent me this photo and I just loved it. I'm not a fan of the game but I think this dress is pure genius.

The caption on the photo read "The wife of an executive at Rovio, the company that makes popular mobile game “Angry Birds” showed up to an event at the Finnish Presidential Palace wearing a dress suspiciously resembling the same foul-mood fowl". What do you think?

-Denim Jegging outfit
I plan to hopefully knock out a pair of denim jeggings on tomorrow to wear to an informal holiday party at my church on Tuesday. I plan to use this pattern, McCall 6173....

But I want to build and use this picture as my inspiration....

I'm thinking denim leggings, tunic, cute scarf, jacket, & boots. We'll see what I put together for the party:)

Here are a few non-sewing tidbits.....

-Gluten free goodies
Being gluten free means I often have to pass up the holiday work treats that are ever abundant each year. This year a friend and co-worker was kind enough to make me an entire gluten free platter of treats in addition to the normal treats for everyone else. That was too kind!!! Thanks Laura!!!

-My Hubby's many acts
For our church's interactive Christmas story my husband was an actor and played a Wise Man, Herod's advisor, & an Angel. It was a major production and 10 day/ 40+ hours committment (resulting in over 14,000 visitors.  It was an awesome production. I even got to do a little costume work and hope to contribute more the next go around.

-Funny pic
My hubby sent this to me the other day and I burst into spontaneous laughter. This has happened to me too many times....LOL!

-"Wee-One" posing
Now I know my daughter has witnessed me posing for my blog pictures but goodness I never looked like this. She poses for most of her pictures like this. Her posing is on a whole other level!!!

Seriously, I never taught her to pose like this. LOL!!!

Well that's it for me. What's been on your mind????


  1. Responding to your timely request for PolarTec sources ... I just got an email from Fabric Place Basement (, with the message that they're currently offering PolarTec for $10.99/yd, plus there's a $10 off $50 coupon on their website. They've recently re-opened (formerly just Fabric Place) and they don't appear to have an online store, but from all I've heard, they are delightful to work with. I'd bet you could call and work with them on colors and such and get pretty much just what you're looking for. Hope this helps!
    Tina in chilly Massachusetts.

  2. Your daughter's posing brought a smile to my face. TFS

  3. I really enjoyed your round up. Especially all the family pictures! What a sweet, lovely co-worker you have too.
    I am also looking for the perfect nude shoes, and still haven't found them after over a year of looking;-(
    Your ostrich feather fabric is really pretty, can't wait to see the dress!
    What do you research in Alaska?

  4. Just curious, do you plan to use actual denim with lycra content for your jeggins or a true knit that looks like denim? If it's the later, would you mind sharing your source.

  5. I came over to answer your question on my blog, I got my polar fleece at Hancocks a while back. I just got a sale add from them and they have polar fleece on sale here where I live for 1.98 a yard if you have the 15% coupon if not then its on sale for like 2.23. Reg $8-9 yard.Sale is good till Dec. 24. I hope to get back into town before then but we will see thats a long drive for me. I hope this doesn't post a dozen times I was having issues getting it to post lol

    My go-to for everything "technical" and outdoorsy. You can all and talk to the staff and they are very helpful. NAYY, jsut a happy customer.

  7. Great update on what you've been doing! (Your daughter sure is growing up fast! Such a cutie!)
    Your post brought forward a question I'd like to put out there.

    You see...I've been looking for a pair of nude heels, too. If wearing a nude shoe is to give the illusion of elongating the leg, why haven't today's generation of shoemakers (Kim, Jessica, the Olsen twins, etc.) offered the shoe in other shades of 'nude' (mimicing the many skin shades that exist in the world)?

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a good idea? I would buy them, would you? I've thought I'd start a write-in campaign. I never used the flesh colored crayon when I was a kid because that was not the color of flesh in my family. Maybe I'm overthinking this thing...but I had to ask the question.

    Still looking for a perfect nude shoe and saving for Spanx...:)


  8. Not northface or REI, but is offering 40% off your entire order right now, and their coats are typically top notch. I think the offer ends today or tomorrow.

    Your "wee one" always puts a big smile on my face!

  9. re: fleece, try ebay (searching "polartec 300") Good luck and stay warm!

  10. another great post and I'm with you on the nude pumps. Can't wait to see those coat, I don't sew winter outerwear so I'm always looking forward to what everyone else is up too with that

  11. My Dad got to be the Archangel Gabriel one year and used a light saber from Star Wars. He was totally thrilled and gave an operatic performance. I sure miss him.

    I just did a little catch up post on my blog yesterday. My husband's blog has some serious and not so updates also.

  12. Sewtellme,
    I'm using a knit made to look like denim. It's from Jo-Ann's Project Runway fabrics. It's the best quality jegging material I've ever seen and it's dye holds up well to washing:)

    Greytone, that's actually an excellent question. I love the color of nude shoes but it would be cool to really have a "true nude". But that would probably be as difficult as matching foundations for all of the skin tones out there. That would be quite the undertaking. You raise a VALID question though:)

    Thanks Rose! I've been on ebay and have seen some good pieces. I think I'll check my local army supply store first and if I don't see anything there try ebay again:)

  13. Can't wait to see your Denim Jegging outfit, bet it's going to be just as fabulous as everything else you do! Your daughter is sooo cute! She is definitely trying to emulate mommy!!!

  14. you're daughter is adorable and that angry birds dress is hilarious!


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