Monday, December 19, 2011

Crazy love for Sweater Dresses!

I've mentioned before that I have a serious love for cute sweaters and plaid skirts during the fall and cold winter months. Another article of clothing that I simply can't live without are sweater dresses. I promise you I'd wear them several times a week if I had that many. They are a wardrobe staple for sure. You can dress them up or down. They wear well with tights, leggings, fancy boots, or flats. And I love to throw on a scarf with them to make them even more winter worthy.

Well a sweater dress is exactly what I wore to church today. It was a gray one in which I accessorized with a black belt, black striped tights, and suede boots with cute little buttons, and silver hoops. I was rather proud of my look--it was simple and yet cute--- and of course I LOVE the comfort and warmth that these dresses bring.
 (I thought I'd take my own pic at the store and give Hubby the day off.)

 ( I love the buttons on these cute little boots. They're kinda hard to see.)

 After church I had to run a few errands and ended up at my favorite store Ross Dress for Less. I believe that's where I purchased the sweater dress I was wearing and definitely the boots. I love to check out there shoes and clearance racks. I always get PHENOMENAL sales. You guy's know me, I'm all about being frugal. Anywho, I ran across a sweater dress that I wanted to have. It was by Calvin Klein and frankly every sweater dress I've seen of this brand I've wanted to have. They're just so gorgeous.
 (Such a cute Calvin Klein sweater dress. I loved the sleeves and waist ribbon belt)

 But the price wasn't where I wanted it. It wasn't worth $40 to me by far---$20 maybe, $15 is more like it:).

 So I skipped out on it for now. I'll keep checking back, one is bound to go on clearance soon. But I did run across 2 others that I liked and bought (I'm holding them in the first picture)---which combined was around $20. So I'm pretty happy with my bargain! I'm curious, what's your cold weather clothing staple????


  1. I actually made a plaid skirt this weekend simply because it can't be winter without soft wool plaid!! :)

  2. good question, well, I don't wear sweater dresses. I think my staples would be my black riding boots, black stretch skinny jeans and my black peacoat.

  3. my winter staple is cashmere sweaters - I wear them all the time and have just about every color. plus - I wash them in the machine on delicate, pop them in the dryer for a quick fluff and then lay flat to finish drying, works really well.

  4. Retirement has its benefits, but I do miss dressing up for work! My winter staple is slacks and cowl tops or tees with vests, topped by a heavy jacket, hat, gloves, scarf. I love to wear layers and discard them as the day warms up-then add them back on as it cools again.

  5. The dress you had on was really cute and the boots looked great with it.

    I am frugal too, its a good way to be!

  6. A black turtleneck is my staple. It's a must have that goes with everything.

  7. I love sweater dresses too. Thanks for answering my email. I had a great birthday time.

  8. The sweater dress looks great on you and I like sweater dresses, but haven't found the right one for my body yet.

  9. I love sweater dress, I just got a butterick pattern for one, but still waiting for the right fabric. My winter staple for now is my wool black skirt, it goes with everything I have

  10. Cute, comfy Sunday go meeting outfit. I'm like sweater dresses too. But I think my favorite winter clothing were a nice turtle neck with woolen slacks.

  11. Very cute dresses and especially the one you're wearing! My cold weather staple are cardigans and turtleneck tops! You actually have a pattern I have that I plan on making this winter. (It's the one with the top that buttons up the back).

    Your wardrobe makes me want to go shopping!!!


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