Thursday, December 8, 2011

Senseless Fear......

I can't believe I spent the last year avoiding using my newly purchased blindstitch machine. That's right, you heard me right. A YEAR! I bought the thing this time last year and got it at a phenomenal year. It was used and was going on closeout. And to be honest with a custom sewing and alteration business it is a MUST. So with the price tag of $125 more than half off the original price and a few months of warranty I knew it was a steal. So I bought it. Got it in the mail. Looked at it. Stared it over some more. And it's sat on the corner of my sewing desk for a year.
(It's so cool, it even has a knee lift like my sewing machine)

Well you ask, "Why would you buy a piece of equipment and not use it right away"? Well I have a one word answer. FEAR. Ok, now I feel like a total idiot to come to such a conclusion but it's the truth. And I might as well be honest. Hey, if I can't be honest with you Guys than who can I be honest with? (Smile) Anywho, I decided on last night that I would take the time  to get the machine working since I had a few hems to do for a client and was running short on time. I oiled it up on yesterday and followed the manual doing the necessary machine adjustments. Well on tonight I finally figured out how to thread it correctly and VOILA'....the thing is the easiest machine to use. I made the most perfect hems and a job that I used to do by hand since I didn't like my conventional machine blindstitch, and took about 7 minutes total to hem 3 pants. That would have been an hour and a half job by hand. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MACHINE!!!!

So I must admit that I feel so SILLY that I didn't just step out there and put this baby into use months ago. But I used my excuse of not being the machine tinkering type to procrastinate. And I know what else you're thinking. You're thinking that's a pretty lame excuse giving that I own like 3 different types of sewing machines--- a conventional, coverstitch & serger. But to that I empasize I was FEARFUL and when does FEAR (the senseless kind) EVER MAKE ANY SENSE! LOL! (sorry you just have to laugh at yourself sometimes.) It was the thought of the possible challenges of facing a new type of machine. And it actually turned out to be no challenge at all.

Moments like these make me wonder how many times in life have I robbed myself of opportunities and experiences because of that 4 letter word. How many sewing projects have I talked myself out of or risks I wouldn't take. I've been thinking alot about fear lately and am currently reading the book on overcoming your fears. It's funny, my blindstitch machine has served as a great example of senseless fear. This year I'm making  a greater effort to step into the unknown and not let my fears dictate where I go. I especially look forward to doing this with my sewing. The older I get I realize that life is too short. Why miss out on living. And you'll never KNOW the unknown until you actually venture out into it. Lastly, I leave a great quote that I ran across this week that's worth pondering.......

We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them.
-Titus Livius

I'm curious, what are your sewing fears? What has you stopped dead in your tracks that you feel you can't move past? How do yo plan to get over that hurdle? Do share.......


  1. What a fantastic post! I'll admit, since I've had only bad experiences with buttonholes, I am very afraid of them. To the extent that I only use snaps or zippers :-) I realize I'm using a (cheap) machine that just doesn't handle them well - thank goodness it does most other things just fine - and I should pull out my Singer straight stitch and use its space aged vintage attachment. But I'm even afraid of that. I mean, bad buttonholes with one machine is bound to be the machine. But if it happens with another machine, then what does that tell me??

    I have totally got to figure out the buttonholer on the Singer this month. You've inspired me.

  2. I so enjoy reading your posts but admit...I have only been a sewing blog "cruiser". Well now I have to comment because I know exactly how this "fear" works with sewing. My experience has been very similar to yours but with my new coverstitch. My hubby bought it for me for Christmas LAST YEAR and I have only used it on one garment. I have a lot of new knits but have been scared. I am taking your lead and will jump back to it. It's a Janome CoverPro1000CPX. Can you please tell you use the chainstitch when sewing seams or do you just use your regular machine. My last garment was a lycra with a lot of stretch and I used the chainstitch but the completed garment just kept stretching. Maybe the stitch was not tight enough.
    Thanks for your input!
    Sew It Fits

  3. Good post!! I had never used a twin needle until this year. I couldn't find any way to run another spool of thread on my Elna...and I was afraid of breaking something if I did something wrong. I finally just spent an evening reading about how to set up twin needles. I learned that many machines aren't set up for them but you can "fake it". That is what I did-used the bobbin winder as the second spool.

    Now I need to use the blind hem foot.

  4. Great post, Victoria. I have found I am MORE fearful as I age. What's up with that? I used to be more confident - or maybe I was just cocky - who knows? I have an embroidery machine but I am always afraid my projects will look blah so I never use the embroidery feature. Glad to see I am not the only one who is a little intimidated.

  5. I have a coverstitch machine sitting under my sewing table for the same reason. I will master it over the holiday break; you've inspired me!

  6. Good for you! I look at your photo, and the machine intimidates me too, so I feel for you. It feels great to master something you've been dreading. I am glad to hear that it is going to be a huge help and time saver for you. In my case, fear isn't so much of a problem. Laziness is more my issue!

  7. Thanks Ladies for all of your thoughts on the matter. They're VERY insightful, keep'em coming.

    To answer your question, I use a both my conventional machine & serger to sew seams on knits. I use the long stitch just to piece it together and then I serge the seam off with my serger. I'm too chicken to use my serger without first basting the seam together because once you cut off a seam with a serger that's it! I've never tried a chainstitch and when the occasion arises will use it. In the case of providing control for shoulder seams and necklines on knits I use clear elastic on the seam. It prevents that wretched stretching out that you mentioned. Hope this answer helps. Have fun using your coverstitch machine they are awesome. I love to use mine:)

  8. Very well said, Victoria. I'm glad you had the courage to try out your new machine. That means you are a winner. The machine is a beauty and you a lucky to have found such a deal.


  9. Oh yes I know Mr. Fear he likes to step in on a lot of things! I too usually have to build up to using a new machine. I also have let fear keep me from doing things in the past. I am trying hard to work on this as well.

    That looks like a dandy machine and sounds like it works wonderful.

  10. I so enjoy your blog. My sewing fear - PANTS. Terrified of even trying them. I'm a novice, not a beginner, but certainly nowhere near your skill level. I had a dress pattern that terrified me (my first with gobs of pieces and princess seams and lining, etc, etc) ... plus I have "Itty bitty-ness" so I have to alter patterns. I had the material for over a year, sitting there laughing at me. One day, I got frustrated with myself and I think I actually said, out loud, it's only fabric for Pete's sake! So I did a muslin, made a few alterations, made the actual dress and felt like I conquered a small planet. Why can't I do the same with pants??? LoL

    I read your blog regularly and find your work inspiring.

  11. This is how I feel about my serger!! I've had it 2 years. It's been out of the box twice. I think I'm ok with threading it (there's a color coded guide on the machine) but my tension is off and I'm afraid to mess with it! I know I will be so happy when I figure it out...

    I did buy some books, but they got packed in the move, so I need to hunt them down. I think I need to just take the plunge this holiday season!

  12. Great machine...congratulations on setup and begining to utilize it!!

    No fear that I can think of at the moment...doesn't mean they're not there either! LOL!!

  13. I totally understand. I went through the same 20 years ago when I bought my first serger. It sat there for weeks. One day, between projects, DH and the kids would be gone and I would be alone all day. I decided to make friends and the rest has been history.

    In my case I always described it as intimidation. This thing was fast and how on earth could I control it?

    I am so glad you overcame this. Look at all the time the speed of this machine will offer you for more sewing. That has to always be good.

  14. I remember when you got it :) I used mines the other day and will be using it some more for hemming. I just need to find another place to put it ;(

  15. Sewing fears... I'd say pants. I have been tempted by the Colette Clover pants, but I'm so overwhelmed!

  16. Great post Victoria!! Love the quote, thanks for sharing.

  17. Great Post Victoria!! I had the same fear with my coverstitch (bought last November for my B-day present to me). I had to force myself to start using it. I think I've been using it for the past 4 months and I love sewing knits. Now I love my machine!!!

  18. Thanks a lot Victoria! Guess I will just use what I already know regular machine for seams and I will just use the coverstitch for hemming. Just wish I could get more out of it for the money (smile). Knits are not something I feel comfortable with but I hear they're easier than sewing some wovens. Happy sewing! (oh...I found some clear elastic and will certainly take your advice and use it). SewItFits

  19. Congratulations on conquering your fear and machine! It sounds like you're going to get a lot of use out of it now. I am still afraid of the fly front. I really must get over that.


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