Monday, June 15, 2015

Got Pants Fitting Issues?- Let me Help you Resolve Them!!!!

My BurdaStyle Pants Fitting Course goes LIVE on  Monday, June 29th!!!!

Trust me, if you have pants fitting issues then this is the course just for you!!!  I struggled with fitting pants for many years and was happy to overcome that challenge and share my "pants fitting equation" to help you overcome it as well! Pants fitting isn't hard, it's all about knowing which steps to take and in what order.

As most of you know I had the distinct pleasure of developing and filming a Pants Fitting Course in  partnership with BurdaStyle. I blogged about it HERE and HERE. It was a phenomenal experience!!! The course is an excellent one, if I do say so myself. For those who have seen my webinars you know how in-depth and detailed I like to be. This is where my research science background tends to kick in (for those new to my blog---in my past life I did Microbial Ecology Research).  This course is no different. If anything it's the largest I've ever done. There is so much video footage and instruction.  In this course I cover pants fitting in-depth and give a comprehensive approach to understanding it. I also give the tools of a "pants fitting equation" that will show you my step-by-step on how rid yourself of fit issues. Whether you are a newbie at pants fitting or even an old pro who wants to pick up some "new tricks" then this course if for you. I promise you'll find it informative, enjoyable and inspiring.

You can read more about the course and all it's details HERE. Sign up today.

Trust me you don't want to miss out on this.

BTW, I'm awaiting some pics of a gorgeous gown I just finished and was recently worn to a banquet so I'll put posting about my June sewing  on hold until I get those.


  1. Do you mean 26 Jun? Sounds like an interesting course. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I signed up - and I'm so happy that it will be you (VICTORIA) teaching this class! Maybe it is because we both have science backgrounds, but for whatever reasons I enjoy your style of teaching and look forward to this class. Now to make sure I have time to do everything.. gulp! Since I will be traveling during some of the class time, things might get interesting.. but I am positive this will be interesting and educational.

    As far as the date, the class description on the Burda website says June 29th, Monday, is the start date.

  3. Thanks Ladies, I corrected the date discrepancy--it's Monday, June 29th :)

  4. Hi Victoria,
    I met you last summer when I took a class with Mr Jim and made a coat. Glad to see you are doing well; I had no idea you were a blogger as well!


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