Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'M BACK!!! 10,000 Hours Challenge Revamped & Quarterly GOALS!!!

I want to give a ton of thanks to Angela and Ann for calling me out about not posting/updating my 10,000 challenge hours. Truth be told I had a bit of a dilemma since switching to my full time sewing profession. I'm sewing all of the time and didn't want to post all of those hours---hence my non-posting for a few months. Well I had the bright idea to only post my personal sewing project hours & special client sewing. I will NOT COUNT alteration hours!!! That was easy----why didn't I think of that sooner. I'm so slow sometimes LOL! Anyhow I went back and plugged in my personal hours and will keep track of those going forward. Also, I HAVE to pick back up with blogging. I love sharing with you guys!  It's been SO HARD! I never knew self-employment meant you worked ALL OF THE TIME!!! It's alot of work getting a business off the ground and gaining momento. Things are going great and as much as possible I'll try not to let my hectic business schedule hinder me from posting.

In an effort to get back on track I'm gonna pick back up with my quarterly sewing goals. It's May and we're in the 2nd quarter and there's lots going on.  Here's a FEW things I've got going on for May & June.....

-Gala dress for a client using this beautiful African fabric. I'm working on the sample for May and should have the finished dress done in June, dependent upon my clients schedule.

- Prom Gown--- I'm finishing up for a client right this minute. Here's the fabric. It's really lovely. It's a beautiful black stretch knit overlayed on red chili pepper performance knit fabric. I know---a performance knit. She doesn't have to stress about sweating in the dress for sure. Prom is next weekend so I'll reveal finished dress soon....

-YIPEE!!! I'm still in Fashion Design school. I posted a month or so ago I'm enrolled in the fashion design program with the Style Design College and internationally credited school. I actually tried it out as a Groupon deal and loved it. After completing a few modules I upgraded to the Diploma program. I'll be done in about 2 years. I'm LOVING it!!! I've completed about 4 or so assignments so far (alot harder to do then I thought) . My current assignments are to do 1. a technical/flat drawing  of 3 skirt types 2. A style board featuring an era in time (I'm choosing the 70's) and I need swatches, fashion sketches and technical drawings. 3. I also have to design a Little Black Dress and do an in-depth style board for it as well. The work is pretty challenging---which I love and I'm learning so much. Definitely info I'll be using as I developed my own fashion designs.

-I'm making a little girl's graduation dress in these 2 fabrics.....

-I'm making of course my daughter and I's Mother's day outfits and still haven't decided on the fabric. I need to get it together! LOL! All I have are the patterns as shown in the last post. Not much progress yet.....

-I'm attending Mimi G's style conference in L.A. in June! My mentor Gentleman Jim is a presenter. He's teaching his Tailored jacket techniques and I'm assisting him so I'll be there. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you guys! Check out his FB page HERE. He just posted a jacket & pants he whipped up for a client!!! I love watching him work. His techniques are flawless. He just released some of his online courses. You can get them HERE

-My Pants Fitting BurdaStyle course should be airing at the end of June. I'm excited about that for sure and will announce it when it becomes available!!!

And there's other ideas and things in the works. I'm sketching my own fashion designs and am working to expand my business. I'm happy to be back blogging and hanging with you guys again and will do so on a more regular basis. Thanks for your patience as I've navigated these waters of self-employment!!! It's alot of work but it's a joy to do what you love to do. So that's what's going on with me---what's going on in your neck of the woods???


  1. Its easy to work all of the time when you work for yourself. I did it years ago when I worked for myself before the farm. This is one thing I am trying VERY hard to do differently this time around. I am taking time off, on weekends mostly and trying not to work all evening as well as day every day. All work no play/farm in my case, makes for a burned out drapery work room. When I worked for myself before I worked and worked and worked and I hit burn out hard. It took years for me to hit it but I did. Then it took nearly 15 yrs to recover LOL. Its so easy to say take some time for yourself but truly take some time for yourself. It will pay you back ten fold in the long run! :O).

    1. You're SO right Texan! That's why I take at least one day off a week! I learned LONG ago when I nearly burnt myself out too! LOL! Our bodies were made to rest and have fun. It's all about balance. If you're gonna work hard, might as well play hard too (wink)!

  2. whew, you have a lot going on but glad that it is making you happy. thats whats important.

  3. Very busy but happy indeed! Self-employment is hard work but so fulfilling and gratifying isn't it? Happy to see you're going after your dreams! Can't wait to see your mother door in her dress!

    1. Hey Myra, it's definitely more challenging then working for someone else but WAYYYYY more fulfilling. Thanks Hun for the well wishes:)


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