Sunday, May 10, 2015

Peachskin Paisley Mother Daughter Outfits--McCall 7162 & NL 6389

Picked pattern. Found  fabric in stash. Daughter hated the fabric LOL! Changed Daughter's pattern. Daughter hated pattern too LOL! Managed to win over daughter. Started sewing yesterday. Finished an hour before walking out the door today. Did daughter's hair. Only 12 minutes to shower and get dressed (that's the norm for me).  My cutest white sandals went missing. BUMMER!  Found good substitutes. Outfit saved.  Made it out the door for church...... We looked good in our matching outfits.....

 Don't know how but I managed to pull it off in such short time. Guess that's what being a Mom is all about. We make magic happen! Motherhood is indeed one of the positions nearest and dearest to my heart. Here are the pics and mini-review of my top and daughter's dress......

My top: McCall's 7162 (view D)
This was a cute assymetrical top. This top took about 2-3 hours. Was pretty quick to sew. I did my usual alteration shortening middle back length by 1" and grading to the sides. I added about 1" or so to lower waist and I ended up shortening the straps by 1 1/2 and taking in the armhole. I made initial mistake by cutting size 10 and using C cup front piece accidentally---btw. I knew that was too big so downgraded to B cup. Aside from that it went together pretty easily.

(fabric used---Peachskin paisley with all sorts of colors thrown in)

My daughter's dress: NewLook 6389 (view A without sash)
I reduced the ease in this by removing 3". Easy to do since bodice front/back and skirt pieces were cut on the fold. Just shifted the pattern over to remove excess. I cut size 8 btw and shortened skirt a bit. If I made it again I'd recommend using wider elastic then 1/4"--such as 1/2" non-roll. Other then that it was really cute. I added length to her bodice thinking it would be too short but the next time I'd remove that extra inch.

Ok, here's the rest of the pics....

 (my youngest little pal)

(back view)

(kids could write messages for their Mom's on the sidewalk. She wrote me one.....Awwwww)

(Wouldn't be a Mom without this guy right here LOL! He makes my job so much easier. Such a great partner)

Hope all of you Mom's of all kinds are having a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!!


  1. Love your daughter's dress and your top!

  2. Love them both! And way to go in such a short amount of time.

  3. A fashionista in the making! You both look great.

  4. Don't you guys look awesome. I love the print, and that daughter of yours is such a cutie. The perfect little Diva model.

  5. Ah man, the cute matching set doesn't work out for me and the cranky teen men! I am so happy that you are rocking it for all of us! Happy Mom's Day to everyone!


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