Sunday, May 24, 2015


It's BEACH SEASON and I'm determined to lay out near the water in style! Last year I got lazy and wore the same old black bathing suit all season. It was cute but a tad bit boring. I ALWAYS need color and some cool prints in my life and besides it's been a while since I've made me a bathing suit. Last times were HERE and HERE.

Honestly, I can't think of anything more rewarding to sew, outside of fancy gowns and stuff, then a bathing suit. Mainly for me that's due to the price of store bought swimwear. I can't believe that swimsuits and bikini's COST SO MUCH!!! I mean we're talking about less than 1 yard of fabric in most cases! I've seen $40 & $50 price tags. That's just way too much for me. I'm a $10 or less kind of girl. Hence, the reason why it's best for me to make my own.

Well I've been collecting swimsuit fabric for some time. Well at least I thought I had and then I checked my stash and this was all I had. I think I gave away some of my other prints. But I'm loving the leopard print. I have enough to make a matching suit for my daughter.

I did spy some really bright swimsuit fabrics at a local fabric boutique called Measures in Savannah. I may need to hit it up to add a little more color to my swimsuit lineup. Who am I kidding, if I have just 2 swimsuits in my closet I'm good. So I'm guessing one bright colored one would do!

But I did manage to get some cute mesh for swimsuit cover-ups. For some reason my camera bleached this photo but the colors are really cute and they have a bit of glitter for a sparkle.

 I'm going to pull out my patterns and start planning. I see a beach trip in my future and I want to be prepared! Do you sew your own swimwear? Have you gotten any pieces done so far this year?


  1. I actually made my first swimsuit this year--Jalie 3351. I was surprised at how well constructed this suit was and what a great fit on the first try. I don't think I will be buying a swimsuit again. It is much more fun to plan out the fabric and make them. I haven't made a coverup yet because I can't find a fabric to match my suit. Good on you for planning that at the beginning!

  2. I like to make swimsuits too. I made one in an animal print and my husband calls it my Wilma Flintstone suit! I need to make myself a new one for this summer, but we've had so much rain, don't know when the pool will be warm enough to swim.

  3. I've never made a swimsuit. I look forward to seeing your finished creation!


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