Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mother's Day is Coming and You Know What that Means......

That's right, MATCHING Mother/Daughter outfits!!!! HA! I was so preoccupied with preparing to fly out and shoot my BurdaStyle course that I made absolutely NOTHING for my daughter and I to wear for Easter! And if you've been following my blog for some time you know I ALWAYS make us Easter outfits. Well I'm not letting that happen for Mother's Day. I'm working on the plans now and will be executing asap. Here are the patterns---so far that is, you know I'm subject to change. Anyhow I feel like wearing something bright! I'm fabric hunting now. Will keep you posted. Any other Ladies (or Men sewing for Ladies) getting their Mother Day sewing plans together???

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  1. Yes, I am going to make a tried and true outfit from the Simplicity Khaliah Ali collection 2979. And I am so happy to see you have updated your sewing hours. Yay


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