Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BurdaStyle Pants Fitting Webinar on tomorrow, Thursday, Oct 16th

Somehow I've been wrapped up in sewing the 40+ yard wedding gown (which is coming along beautifully, I'm 96% done) that I failed to mention that I'm teaching another BurdaStyle class for all those who are interested. This one's on pants and is from a different angle of what I taught about on pants about a month or so ago. If you enjoyed that one then you'll love this one as well so I encourage you to sign up. Remember you don't have to be present for the webinar at the actual taping. You'll receive a recorded version afterwards. Those who have taken my webinars know that I LOVE TO TEACH! It's a gift. I don't give dull or boring presentations. Having worked in research science for 15 years I learned how to break down information and compile it it in a way that's insightful, fun and entertaining. Plus I love "AHA moments"---my own and giving them to others! Nothing like when the light bulb comes on and you realize something you hadn't before. Fitting pants is such a struggle for so many sewers, and was that way for me for years until I discovered solutions to the problem. Those are what I'd like to share in this presentation. So here's the details....

You can find the Webinar details HERE....

Again, my webinar is on tomorrow Thursday at llam HERE . You don't have to be present to see it just purchase before showtime and you'll receive a link to access it later. Thanks for your support and I hope you'll enjoy the webinar. I always put my heart and soul in them!!!


  1. Hi, Victoria -

    I actually received this notification directly from Burda and flagged it. Will definitely look into purchasing this class... especially since I know it's from you and am a huge fan of your work.

  2. Hi Victoria! Great class this morning. VERY informative and your teaching style keeps one interested. I will definitely go back to get your first one.
    Thank you!

  3. Good morning Victoria, I just want to say Thank You for the work put into the Burdastyle webinars. I really enjoyed and learned a lot, I love it when others pave the way..LOL I have a few questions and I wanted to know if I could email you a couple of pictures to help me with some specific body type fit issues I'm having. Great Job I look forward to many more.


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