Monday, September 15, 2014

Sewing Jots and Tittles 9.15.14

Oh it's been a while!!! Time for a much needed "brain dump". Here's a glimpse into my world....

Sewing, Fashions and Such...

This is my friend Mackenzye and she makes the CUTEST dolls! I mean I'm obsessed with her dolls!!! She started making them for her portfolio when she was in college but have been making doll clothes since she was a kid. She said she used to fashion her dolls off of the interesting people she used to meet. She puts alot of painstaking details into her dolls. Each one is make from the same cloth rayon/linen cloth which has flecks of color in it. And the doll hair is the cutest blends of yarn. I hope to get a custom doll made in the image of my daughter. She makes dolls for anyone. They would make wonderful gifts---especially for you grandparents! Please check out FB page at for more details.

 Two bolts of the same type/color of satin at Hancock Fabric. Startling proof that fabric dye lots differ!!!

 They sale french curves at Staples. This was a pack of 3. I can use this with draping/patternmaking on my big dress form as well as half scale! Yay!

 Gorgeous trim but $21.99/yd. I'll pass!!!

 I forgot my conventional sewing machine could do lettering!

 Have a purple coat cut out and ready to sew. Now when I'll get to sew it and actually get to wear it is a whole other question!!!

 Jo-Ann's has gone "Fold Over Elastic CRAZY". Have you ever seen so many varieties in one place?

 Button holding containers shaped like buttons! How cute!

So pretty!!!!

 Yay, fall color forecast!!! Glad it will be nice and colorful!!!

 This skirt had me mesmerized. It's made entirely of pleated leather!!!!

 I don't know what it is but I get compliments everywhere I go when I wear this top. Glad I dug it out of my closet and started wearing it again.

I took a day trip to Atlanta and hit up 3 fabric stores. I RACKED up on some necessary pieces for myself and clients and for CHEAP! Thanks to Atlanta I don't have to travel to NYC for my major fabric shopping trips!

I met Vanessa from the blog Craftsy Gemini when she attended Mr. Jim's Jacket Tailoring workshop! She's such a vibrant, smart and fun person!

Yes Lawd!!!


 Yes my relationship with the library is just that serious. Who can just check out 1 book. That's like eating 1 M&M!?!?!? LOL! Now if I could learn to turn them back in on time!

 Really,you can used dogs to sniff out termites?!?!?! Well they do have great noses. I wonder what their success rate is? Hmmmm. Interesting!

 If I was a cussing woman I would have left a few choice words slip when I saw the regular price of $50 for this backpack! $50?????? Does it come with a Ipod???

 This Chick and her poses?  I just asked for a nice smile and this is what I got. She described this as her "hard core" look. She's so silly!

 Never heard of this before. I'm interested in how it tastes!!!

 Only in the South do you get this absurd SUV + oversized rim & tire combo! SMH

 What happens when you don't move the the brown widow eggs on your trash can soon enough. They hatch!  Needless to say I had to exterminate them:(

 Somebody please tell my child how to properly wrap up her gum before handing it to me! GEESH!

 Somebody turned 7 at the end of August.....

....2 Days later I celebrated my 12 years of Marriage/ 17 years of Togetherness with this guy! He's my heart. He keeps me young!!!

Hahahaha...what's wrong with this picture???? Hint....this book was based on a fictitious movie! Not exactly a good reference for emergency preparedness! LOL!

This is EXACTLY why we can't sit in a parked car for too long! These 2 never need a reason to start dancing! LOL!

 She graduated to reading chapter books! She's growing up so fast!

 Please take a moment of silence with me. I nearly lost it when I dropped a freshly cooked strip of bacon in the sink and couldn't retrieve it in time. Darn you 5 second rule!!! LOL!

 These 2 love their electronics! Funny my daughter's hands, kindle and feet are only visible.

 Oh, it's love bug season!!! For those familiar with these insects know they swarm like crazy!!! These guys will likely be the reason I'll have to teach my daughter about the birds and bee's a little earlier! LOL!

 Someone's going through their "little Helper phase". She wants to help do and clean EVERYTHING. Gosh I hope it continues until she turns 18! LOL!

I'm not one to bash but I do think it's RIDICULOUS that we live in a society where someone can make a coffee table book featuring nothing but their own selfies and people would buy it. Significance?!?!?! There's just something wrong with that!

I'm such a masochist! The best part of a pedicure is the cuticle trimming. Crazy I know but it's really the best part. But then again I also like getting my eyebrows waxed. I did say I was a masochist! LOL!

I LOVE this movie!!! One of the sweetest! I think EVERY Woman deserves to be loved just like this!!!


  1. Ditto that question! I'm returning after six years away and I need to know Cute video of your dancing family - if dancing makes you happy, even a parked car is a great spot!

  2. I enjoyed this post. The Magic of Ordinary Days is a great movie. I can't be trusted in a brick and mortar fabric store--I would go wild! Love the dancing video.

  3. Such a fun post. Where is that fabric store in Atlanta? Would love to check it out when I'm in Atlanta. So blessed to have a beautiful family. Yes, you are right about the SUV, I'm from Detroit and folks don't put that much money in a car when they are trying to survive, lol.

  4. Fun post! I enjoyed reading it.


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