Monday, September 1, 2014

Client Work In Action!

It's always fun to make a garment for a client and for them to enjoy wearing it. I get such a joy out of this!!! It's even more fun when they send me great pics of them out and about wearing the piece. My client John who was at Dragoncon this weekend went  the extra mile and sent some fun pics of his costume (featuring the re-created pants I made him---see THIS POST) in action! So funny! I love this guy, he's a character:) Well the pants looked great and so did he so the project was a success!!!! Hope he lets me make another costume for him next year---Hint, Hint (wink)!

I also had the privilege of making a gorgeous dress for another client to wear in the Miss Blueprint pageant on last week. The organization is such a great cause in that it empowers and shapes the lives of young girls. Here's a pic of all the participants. My client is on the bottom right. Isn't she a cutie!!! I should've took close up pics when I had the dress but It's a hot pink satin dress with 3 layers of sparkle organza overlay for the skirts and organza straps. It features a belt with teal stripe down the middle and a flower of organza & satin in the middle of it. I also made her a matching headband with a tulle blow and pink and teal flowers.She really liked it and I was delighted to make a custom dress for her:)

Ok, I just stopped to share. I have some alterations to get through and I'm currently working on a wedding gown  and some wardrobe pieces for another client. Will share more soon;) Happy Sewing!!!!


  1. Fantastic outfits! Your sewing is just great (it was always good but its really taken off with all your hard work) Love the little girl's pink dress. She looks thrilled and they all love beautiful.

  2. loved the pictures!

    you make great work, super well finished! looks great.


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