Friday, August 1, 2014

Kwik Sew 3504--- Men's "Star Trek Costume Pants Replication Done!!!

You might recall this POST where I mentioned how I finished up a pair of pants for a male client/friend to where to Dragon con later this month. The pants are a replication of those worn by Kirk/Spock in the latest Star Trek movie. So here's my wonderful friend/client John modeling his new pants. He looks great and the fit is spot on. Not too worry I'll get a full pic of the pants again when he has his full costume on. I have to admit that I LOVED this pants pattern. I will definitely use it to make pants for my Hubby in the future. It is WELL drafted. I had to only make minor adjustments for John. I did a muslin of course to test and tweak the fit. Then I found the most perfect stretch dark gray denim to make them in. I think they were 9oz and sorry I forgot the stretch percentage. They were just the right weight for pants. I purchased it from  Here's a few pics before I give construction details.

 Kwik Sew 3504
 (Here's John modeling his pants:)

(John's pants and my shadow- LOL)

(Better view of pants front. The fit was great and the knee patch hit at the right place. The pants are a little long since he will be wearing them with boots.)

(Here he is testing his mobility in them)

(Side profile---a little wrinkled after the mobility test. Don't know why I forgot to get picture of back of pants. You can see the welt pocket on the side.)

(I love it when things match up. Note how the knee patch matched perfectly!!! Those were added on top of the pants)

(Closer view)

(Even closer. You can see the topstitching on the knee details)

(These are the pattern pieces used to create the knee panel. I did lots of pintucks in the first piece and then connected to all the rest in that order. I was most nervous about this part of the pants but it ended up being pretty easy to draft and construct)

(Remember these were the pants I set out to create. It's not an exact replication but close. I think I did a good job!)

(And his final costume will look like one of these guys. I can't wait to see the finished look!)

These were my first pair of real men's pants. I mean I've made boxer and sleep pants but this right here was the real deal! I LEARNED a TON from this experience. These pants weren't 100% perfect but they came out extremely well.

 I have to admit as far as construction goes I nixed the directions for the pattern and completely followed what I learned from taking Gentleman Jim's Tailored Pants Construction Workshop!!! You have to take one of his workshops it will change your life and your sewing!!! As you know he's my favorite tailor and mentor and a teacher to many!!! Most of what I did can be seen on his Tailored Pants DVD which he sells on his site HERE (look on left hand side). I'll share just a few details:
- I inserted the zipper per his instructions
-I actually ditched the pockets and re-drafted them to look like the costume pants.
-I drafted my own waistband (2 piece waistband with seam at center back) and used 1 1/4 ban-roll to give the waistband stability.
The back of the pants have functional double welt pockets or what is termed as "besom pockets" in the tailoring world.

So I LOVE these pants and so does John! I love the idea of making men's pants and plan to make more in the future! Ok enough about that. I'm pretty excited, next week I'll be taking Gentleman Jim's Coat workshop. I'm planning to make Winter coats for the whole family!!!! But before I can get to that I've got lots of other sewing stuff to get through.  Enjoy your weekend and happy sewing!!!


  1. Wow, these look fantastic! Love the details!

  2. I'm a Trekkie too. But even if I wasn't I'd wear these pants. Nice job.

  3. Make it sew! Well done . I'm a huge Trekkie too!


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