Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Teaching a BurdaStyle Webinar on Pants Fitting the Easy Way!!!

Throughout the years I've been very candid about my journey in learning how to properly fit/sew pants for my figure.I hadn't always been able to fit and sew pants the way I do now. Years ago I really struggled and I shared them in posts like this one HERE.

Then one day the light bulb just went off and I got it! I can't tell you how excited I was. All the years of struggling, studying and making samples and  I figured it out. Then I was able to successfully make pants not only for myself....

( BurdaStyle Slacks (sorry can't remember pattern # right of hand) I made for myself last year)

 (Denim capris I made last year--and btw they're non stretch )

(denim capris back view)

....but I could make pants for others too......
 (Denim pants recently made for client)

(Knit jumpsuit recently made for Bride's reception)

If you're interested in learning my techniques then I encourage you to take my BurdaStyle webinar entitled "Learning Backwards: Dispelling old practices and Perfecting the art of pants fitting and construction the easy way!" To read more about the class or to register just visit HERE. As most of you know I LOVE to teach and have taught several Burda Webinars before. If you're interested in seeing my presentation which I promise will be dynamic, enlightening, entertaining, fun and most importantly you'll gain a newer perspective on fitting pants please sign up. Hope you'll join me!!! Note: If you can't attend the live class on August 18th @ 11am sign up anyway and you can download & watch it at your convenience anytime. Again you can read more/register for the class HERE.


  1. Hi Victoria I so want to take your Burda class on August 18 but unfortunately this is my first day back to work (I'm a teacher). So how does it work if you are unable to take the class live?

  2. Hi Lisa R! Glad to hear from you. Thanks for your interest. Fortunately you can sign up for the class and download it later to watch at your convenience:)

  3. Do your insructions work for a senior citizen's long, quasi-flat fanny?

  4. Ohh congrats!I will have to check it out!

  5. Just registered for the class on Monday. Really looking forward to it!

  6. Hi Victoria! I discovered you earlier this year in two Burda webinars: sewing as a business and sewing with knits! Been a subscriber every since! I hope the one Monday is suite for beginners (I'm not a novice, but still consider myself a beginner) :-).


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