Friday, April 18, 2014

Sewing Jots and Tittles 4.18.14

Well it's been FAR TOO LONG since I did one of the posts. There's been lots going on in my world.
Here's a small sneak peek.....

Sewing, Fashion and Such.....

 I've added this book to my watch list

Found a quaint little sewing shop in my city named Measure. It's been around 2 years and I just discovered it.....'s small but cute. Has lots of great fabrics and as a bonus even carries leathers. 

 I've always wanted my own "thread card" so I picked this one up at the expo for $10.....

.....I think it's from an embroidery thread company but I picked it just for color references!

 Yes, if I'm roughly the same size as my client I will try on their muslin to examine the fit. LOL! This one needed the crotch area shortened. I fixed the issue and will start on the real thing next week. It will be my very first Lace-Overlayed-Wedding Reception jumpsuit for a Bride!

 Michael's has some great rhinestone selections! From single stones to strands to appliques. I may need some for some future projects.

 Automobile headline fabric is available in Hancock. Good to know.

 Bought a click eraser (love these, forgot I had one of these years ago) and 2B pencils. Let the pattern drafting I'm learning in my Draping class commence.

 Outfit I just finished for the "Grandmother of the Groom". It's an Off-White Crepe shell top and elastic waist pants. These fit great. Will get pics after the wedding.

Susan, the owner of Quarter Deck Quilts located in Springfill, GA. It's the only place I'll take my Huskyvarna Viking computerized serger to be serviced.  She has an awesome little store where she also sells fabrics, notions, books and patterns. If you're close be sure to visit.

A very cool article in the September 2013 National Geographic's mag. about stylish residents of the Congo who go around fashionable wearing Haute couture and sometimes spending all of their money on it. These boys are pretty sharp. See the dude in the white cape in the back. Sharp in deed!

Got the formal Father/Daughter Banquet pics. They turned out great!!! So happy I got to make my daughter's dress and the Hubby's tie!


 Hundreds of tires caught on fire! The amount of smoke they produced was insane and could be seen for miles away!

 I've posted this before. I have it posted in my sewing room! Love this quote. So profound!

 Sardines from Portugal are the best!

 The upset look I get whenever I pick my daughter up early and interrupt her after school playtime with friends. She's not happy! LOL!

MS Walk---walking for a great cause!!!

 My daughter discovered the BabyMouse book series at school. It was the first book she couldn't put down. So what does Mommy do, go out and buy almost all of them! LOL! So happy to find something she's excited to read!!!

 ...They are cool books. They're a graphic novel for girls or boys chronicling the adventures of the main character BabyMouse who has an overactive imagination. Pretty entertaining!

 Silly straw glasses

 I'd never seen blue orchids before. Beautiful! I had to stop, stare and take a pic!

 Someone is training wheel free!!!!.....

......Here with daddy celebrating that victory!

What can happen to a tooth if you chomp down on a piece of ice the wrong way? It can break it. Ask me how I know. Yeah that wasn't a happy day for me!

At the beauty salon getting a relaxer. That's right I'm still stuck on what they call "the creamy crack". LOL!

Ok, that's it for now. I best get back to sewing. Have to finish my Easter clothes!!!


  1. I nominated you for the Sunshine and Shine On award. See my blog for more info.

  2. I love the formal pictures for the daddy/daughter dance!!

  3. My, you've been busy! Your daughter is too cute. Ouch that tooth wasn't a pretty sight; it must have hurt real bad.

  4. Lovely portrait of Dad and girls.

  5. The dress you made for your daughter for the formal father/daughter dance is just wonderful, as is the matching tie for your husband. Beautiful portrait. Happy Easter.

  6. I know that look your daughter gave you! I still get it, especially now that the boys are teens; we call it 'the hairy eyeball' around here. I know we are not supposed to put pictures of our children on our sewing blogs, but thanks for breaking that rule. Being a mom is the best thing I've ever done.


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