Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why my Waistbands Won't See the Light of Day!

I snicker at this blog post. It's actually a true admission of sorts. I'm roughly 5"9 and am about 75% legs and 25% torso. Since I'm SO short-waisted I NEVER wear styles that show my waistband. That means when the ultra cute and trendy sailor pants came out. Did I wear them?

The answer is a big fat NO!

When the all the beautiful high-waisted skirts hit the fashion scene did I wear them?

Another big fat no! My upper body is so small that that the waistband would've been sitting right under "the girl's" LOL!!!!

Well it is what it is. I'm not complaining or anything. Seriously I'm not. I love my body just the way it is. But we all know if you wear the wrong clothes for your figure type you can totally look like a hot mess. So for the sake of creating the illusion of a longer torso all of my waistbands have to be hidden by long shirts or belts or I just wear clothes without distinguishing it at all. Or my favorite trick is to opt for the empire waistline. Now there's a high waistline that looks good on me! LOL!!! You see it's no big deal.

I have to admit that there is a bit of a blessing in all of this. Since my waistband is never visible I'm beginning to care alot less of what it looks like. I mean I'm not so determined to make clothes with interfaced waistbands as I used to be.  I'm beginning to like and appreciate the ease of the elastic waistband for some of my clothes (denim capris, trousers excluded). Especially for Summer-type-everyday-looks. They're both comfortable and quick to sew up. Now don't judge me yet. I know that alot of you think the elastic waistband is reserved for folks who may be in their "golden years" (and even some of them won't wear them LOL!). But heck, my argument is if no can see my waistband why should it matter?

I've found some really cute Summer patterns with elasticized waistbands. I'm hoping to incorporate a few of these into my July sewing. Here's just a handful......

(I LOVE the 2 pants at the bottom!!!)

I'll DEFINITELY be making at least 2 of the 4 patterns this month. I'm really loving the looks and am so glad I'm becoming more open to making clothes with an elastic waistband. So I'm curious, where do you weigh in on the whole elastic waistband issue? Yea or Nay? Is your answer influenced by your body type or just your personal preference? Do share!!!


  1. I don't wear them...but not as an official stance against them :) I'm somewhat short waisted too but I'm only 5'5" with thick athletic legs. So I can look especially squat and tend to not tuck in tops.

    I've always thought elastic waists = old (sorry!). But I've seen some cute pants that look good on. I have that pattern in the bottom right -- it's super cute!

  2. I don't mind elastic waistbands if the finished outfit looks modern. I need some quick shorts for this weekend and I am considering making some with elastic. BUT beleive the shirt I will wear will be tunic style to cover that waist band up. Now I still have a bump even though there is no baby anywhere to be found so I don't tuck my shirts in much anyway so with the right top and shoes no one will be the wiser.

  3. Good for you for knowing what suits and flatters you and not making clothes that although may be 'in' won't do you any favours.

    I have to admit to using elastic waistbands - being somewhat cylinder shaped, there is very little difference between my waist and hips and therefore not too much to gather. If I use a normal (non-elasticated) waist, I usually have to let out darts, or have a really baggy hip area to make the clothes fit.

    The way I look at it, we are in this game to sew clothes that suit us. And that is what I am going to do!!

  4. Who needs high waists when you have all your awesome peplums to wear?

    I'm stuck on the structured, tailored high waist, but that's only because I can rely on them to hold me in and not produce the sausage effect.

  5. I wear them for ease and I'm a Muslim so getting covered anyway. However, I do plan to try other styles just because.

  6. I love comfortable clothes, so I admit to elastic waists - I like cool things in summer as well, and who needs a really structured middle when it's super hot? :)

  7. Love, love elastic WBs. I can breathe! I'm not short waisted - rather average to long, but I love the comfort.

  8. I'm another gal with a rectangular shape having a thick waist and slim, flat butt so elastic waists work well for me (little or no gathers). I rarely tuck in my tops so no one sees the waistband. We are all so lucky to be able to sew what works best for our figures!


  9. I like an elastic waistband as long as there isn't much fabric bunching up in it, otherwise no. They're great for summer skirts and also when my weigh (eek) fluctuates. :)

  10. Like Meigan said, I don't mind elastic waistbands at all..

    In fact love them - as long as they don't have that bunched/gathered look at all. An elastic waistband that doesn't scream elastic waistband is my preference.


    In both woven fabrics and knits..

  11. I'm just entering the golden years and have discovered elastic in the waistband. It certainly helps a waistline that fluctuates. The half elastic waistband is my preference and it provides just enough stretch for comfort without being overly obvious. Like you, I am short waisted but unlike you, have a long torso below the waist and short legs.

    Theresa in Tucson

  12. interesting, I never thought about doing an elastic waistband. If I buy workout pants the elastic waistband is always too big so I have to adjust. Sometimes I wish I had your problem, ie. all legs. By the way - you look great on both pants and dresses. show off those legs !

  13. Don't do 'em. My booty to waist ratio is too vast and all those gathers just point to my "blessings". As far as comfort, I have become a convert to the no waistband deal, the the one that promotes muffin top. Since all of my "blessings" are in my booty and I don't have a muffin that works for me, comfort wise and style wise.

  14. I am the same height and have the same leg ratio as you and I know EXACTLY what you mean about the waistband problem. Put some cups on it, and the high waistband could do double duty as a bra. I don't do the low waisted pants either, but aim for somewhere in the middle. And I just never tuck my shirts in.
    Recently I started gaining weight, and although I'm not overly upset about my body, I am VERY upset about the fact that I can't fit in the five pairs of pants - and some of the skirts - I made last year. I don't know if I'll continue to gain for a while, or if this will stop soon, or I'll lose it... the joys of menopause. So I'm just starting to consider elastic waistbands.

  15. Oh, a kindred spirit! I look like Mr Toad in high waisted stuff!

  16. I am 5'3 and more leggs than torso and avoid anything high waisted and with pleats. Of late I am enjoying elastic for my dresses and looking to make a few slacks with it too.

  17. Great question! I haven't sewn anything with an elastic waistband, but I haven't sewn many things at all, yet (I'm at the beginning of my 10,000 hour journey, but sometimes it feels like I've been slaving over the same thing forever).

    I've discovered in fitting my first top that I am long-waisted (so, perhaps that's good news for the styles you listed that I'd *like* to wear). I'd always thought I was long-legged but short in the torso. Not so. But I'm also pear shaped--very small bust, and 28-38 at the hips and waist. That means that waistbands look good on me (show that I have a waist) and that bunching around the hips wouldn't flatter me.

    Oddly enough, tops that are empire-waisted with smocking or elastic under the bosom and a tunic look good, too--and those tunic tops would hide the waistband of anything I made. Nevertheless, I think I'll stick to fitted waistbands for now; I don't want to limit what I can wear things with.

    I would consider elastic waistbands for exercise and sleeping clothes, and when I was a teen, I wore so many full-length circle skirts with string-ties. Then, sizing got larger and I started to find that no matter how hard I pulled the strings, I couldn't get them tight enough (I weighed under 100 lbs then). Now that I weigh more, I might find (or make) ones that fit--but then we get back to flattering my new, more "hippy" figure.

    I look forward to seeing your projects!

  18. I love elastic waist bands but I also make things without it. I'm def not against it lol

  19. You know, I've been coming around to the same conclusion. Because of my widening tummy I never wear clothes that show off my waistband. ANd my favourite skirt pattern is the Magic Pencil Skirt pattern by Pamela's Closet. I can whip up two skirts in a couple of hours and they are comfortable and surprisingly flattering. BTW, I love the Smplicity 1618 pattern you posted. And that reminds me...I think I am a pattern junkie but I bet you take the cake! How on earth do you organize them all?

  20. I too am not adverse to an elastic waistband...so I use them frequently. Personally I think the elastic waistband has gotten a bad rap!

  21. Sounds like we're a similar shape! I'm also about 5'9" with a very short waist, most of my length in my legs. When I tuck a top into a highwaisted skirt or pants I look so ridiculous!

    I've only come around to elastic waistbands recently (used to be in the "no way" camp), but made an elastic waisted skirt last year and a couple of pairs of elastic waisted ponte pants this year - so I'm coming around! They're definitely easier to fit too.


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