Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 7.23.13

It's that time again! Time to give you a sneak peak of the neurological activity that's happening between my two ears! Here you go.......my Sewing Jots and Tittles for this week......

Sewing, Fashions, and Such

I love washing/drying new fabric. I love the cool colors I see when cleaning out the dryer lint screen! See how much cooler the bright lint ball on the left looks over the basic lint ball on the right. Ok, I feel some of you judging me now! LOL!!!! I promise I do get out and socialize with other people! LOL!

I LOVE bold jewelry pieces!!! This bold necklace might have a bit much for some but just my style!

 Do you even have to ask why I'd want one of these jump drives? You know you want one too! LOL!

 Who knew Nancy's notions has a sewing advice hotline? Interesting!

 Yay!!! There's Fold Over Elastic (FOE) at Jo-Ann's! The price for 1 yard is atrocious. I can get mine for $1/yd elsewhere!!! Can you say highway robbery!!!!

 Cute, cute Simplicity dress!!! I have my wedding anniversary coming up. This is a contender outfit!

 The cutest buttons! I'd love to put them on something for my daughter! Perhaps a coat...

 Never knew you could buy sheeting????

Love this fabric! Awesome color combo!


 Was having a pity party last week (it's ok, I'm all better now). Wish I had seen this. It would've definitely given me a good laugh! Just when you think no one cares....there's always collectors! LOL!!!!

Had a beautiful evening at the beach. These were strange beams of light considering the sun was setting in the very opposite direction.

 It's hard to see but this was taken after a quick rain. You know it's HOT where you live when there's literally steam coming off the pavement after the rain!!!! LOL!!!

 Woo-Hoo! I scored big on this pure vanilla extract at closeout price. BTW, it's Madagascar pure vanilla extract. I don't know how that impacts the taste but I can't wait to find out!

Got some gluten free items on closeout too! Those biscuits are the best gf one's I've ever had.  But at that price I rarely bought them. 

 Nothing like finding a bottle of vodka in the bathroom at the LIBRARY?!?!?! People have got to do better! LOL!!!

Saw a McDonald's in Florida with a fireplace surrounded by a cute little booth. Kinda romantic. Where was this when I was dating my Hubby in college. A romantic environment and for cheap---- a college couple's dream! LOL!

LOL! Thought this was too cute!!!


  1. Your sewing jots and tittles are wonderful. I too covet a sewing theme jump drive, and I didn't know that you could be sheeting. Love the beach picture, so lovely and peaceful. And found a new Simplicity pattern to add to my ever grown collection. Keep them coming and I will keep reading them! Thanks

  2. My source of FOE, for years (when I was selling tutus and baby headbands)


    10 yards for $2.95 in every color you could imagine or multi packs for about 50 cent/yard. She also has prints.

  3. I definitely need one of those jump drives! It would be so neat to know just which one has all the sewing-related stuff (like down-loaded patterns).

  4. Great blog! Just found you...
    Oh, about the vanilla... have you tried it yet? It may be that you need to taste/compare to regular vanilla.... If it's anything like Mexican vanilla... it's twice as strong so you need only use 1/2 as much! Great deals... good for you! Love the jump drives... sooo cute!

  5. Great information here Victoria! I absolutely love a great "statement" piece necklace and the one you're wearing in the picture above is gorgeous! Also, that dress is fabulous and would look stunning on you too! I say go for it! Thanks for the headsup on the fold-over elastic at JoAnn's, I never saw it and thought they didn't carry it!


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