Sunday, June 30, 2013

When the Kid's AWAY Mom will PLAY........

It's way too late for me to be up but after being on the road a good part of the day and I'm just happy to be back home safely.  Anyhow the purpose of our trip was to drop my little one off at her Aunt & Uncle's house so she could spend the next 3 weeks hanging out with family and all of her little cousins!!! She's gonna have a BLAST!!!! My Sister-in-Law is Super Mom and already has a super fun lineup of events for all the kids. Well that means I'm child free for the next 3 weeks. Hmmm....what would I ever do with myself???? (looking down at the floor and twiddling thumbs)). HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! If you thought that was the case then you don't know me too well! LOL!!!!! I'm gonna miss my little munchkin but there's LOTS to do (I've already got a list).

(The Wee-One....Daddy and I's Sweetie)

(The Wee-One with 2 of her 4 cousins she'll be hanging with)

 Between going on lots of dates with the Hubby (oh to pretend to be 18 again:) and doing household stuff and TONS of sewing (I mean TONS) I'll be pretty productive!!!! I've made July my "Operation: Stock my Summer Wardrobe" month. I literally have no clothes and I need to fill up my closet with some good and stylish staple items. I've gotten most of my plans together and will spend another day or 2 finalizing them before I reveal them to you all. I'm SO excited. I NEED some binge sewing in my life about now.

Anyhow, I'm excited about my upcoming plans but am surprised at how fast June went by!!!! But  I was able to get a few things accomplished. Here's a recap of the last 2 months---May & June. I made some electric blue peplum, a dress for my daughter, a knit peplum, 2 pairs of colorful leggings (turquoise and bright pink) and 2 coordinating tops---all pictured below.

Also, I didn't get a chance to do any reviews but I made some home decor pieces too as promised using fabric I bought at Jo-Ann's. I made these barstool covers based on this previous post. Instead of cushions I used some green foam and cut them into circular pieces:) They go perfectly with my "mccaw green" accent wall:)

I also made these "Roman Shades" based on this tutorial a friend sent to me:)  Note: I did use the tension rods but ended up sewing the ends and finishing the seams properly by sewing machine/serger.

Non-sewing related, I actually created this matching flower arrangement after catching a 70% off florals sale at Jo-Ann's. I'm not a professionals but I LOVE the way it turned out.
Anyhow, I love my colorful kitchen and all the items I sewed up the last couple of months!!!

Ok, that's the wrap-up. I'm looking forward to some exciting sewing for next month. Stay tuned. Also, I'm hosting a book giveaway. See my last post for details!!!!!!


  1. Ooh lucky you! I can understand you missing your gorgeous girl and being excited at some child free time at the same time - I'm sure you'll get loads done

  2. Ah time to sew and sew and sew!! Can't wait to see what you do during this free time.


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