Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Supplies, Supplies and more Supplies!!!

I'm around. I hate I haven't been able to blog alot as of late. My client work picked up big time so I'm currently working on 3 dresses. So needless to say that pushed my "Operation: Stock my Summer Wardrobe" plans to the side. I'm still sewing for myself just not as fast as I want to. Looks like I'll be continuing on with my summer sewing into August. Also, I'm currently taking a 10-12 week sewing course which is keeping me pretty occupied---more on that later. All in all I can't complain, I've got lots of sewing going on.

But last week definitely was the week for me to get supplies.  It seems like EVERYTHING I needed was on  sale. So naturally I stocked up. I shouldn't have to buy anything for a while.

Wawak ran a special sale in which I was able to get snipper for $2 off so I only paid $0.98 each. That was a bargain. I also picked up some waxed thread for hand sewing (this stuff is super strong--not on sale but I needed it!!!!) and some cuff rulers of varying lengths for 50% off). I love having ruler handy for quick measuring.....and it will be easier to do client hem with the varying widths.

I managed to catch Jo-Ann's 70% off notions sale too and racked up on everything.....
I don't think I'll need needles for the next year. Heck, they were about $1.50/pk, regulary around $6. What a steal!

I've always wanted one of these bobbin holders (I have the cases but wanted this style) and it's even cooler that it has the magnetic pin holder. I can't believe this retailed at $20 (I wouldn't pay that) but with the 70% off sale I got it for $6.

And these guys were on my Christmas wish list last year. Come to think of it I've knocked 3 items off that list (these thermal thimbles, draping book and half scale form I recently got)!

Anyhow I'm stocked up. So I should have what I need to keep me productive for a while. Have you hit up any great supply sales lately????


  1. Great score--umm, next time can you let a sista know about these sales ahead of time? :)!!

  2. Nice. I miss those sales. Anyway looking forward to hearing about your course.

  3. Wondered where you've been! How could I miss such a sale at Jo-Ann's - UGH! You got some great deals!

  4. Great haul!I missed the bobbin case, how clever, will keep an eye out for it.

  5. I hit that Wawak sale and got tons of Maxi Lock serger thread, zippers, buttons and clear elastic. Oh yeah, I also got a cone thread holder.

  6. I picked up a singer dress form for $100 this morning at Joanns!!

  7. Oh I am so envious. I need to stock up too but first I have to buy all kinds of things for my classroom - so I am hopin for a big sale in September, which my fabric store sometimes has. I do have a question though: what are "thermal thimbles"? Oh and thanks for the tip on waxed thread, I may just wonder over to the fabric store to pick up a few spools.

  8. I was in JoAnns on the 28th but it was such a madhouse I just got some Simplicity patterns that were on my t0-get list. With all your client work I'm sure that stock pile will go to good use.

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  10. How do you like the sewing classes? I have been thinking about trying one out. It is wonderful that you got all the things you needed on sale. It looks like you have a pile of treasure.

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