Monday, June 10, 2013

Home Improvements vs Sewing

There has been a major tug of war at my house of late! I've moved from my "Spring Cleaning Kick"onto the "Decorating/Rearranging the house phase". Wow, it has been a time! The last time I acted like this I was 8 months VERY pregnant and nesting like a lunatic LOL!!!! If you're not familiar with the nesting phase of pregnancy then you've missed witnessing an experience. A Mom-to-Be is usually ALL OVER THE PLACE trying to do everything to prepare for the babies arrival. They can't sit still! LOL! Well I've been a bit like that. But despite my productivity around the house I desperately want and plan to get my usual apparel sewing---- which is why there's a bit of a battle raging. There's so much to do and only one of me. One way I'm determined to get my sewing in is to do some sewing for the house. As the old saying goes "if you can't beat them join them". Since I feel so compelled to decorate this is a perfect time to make those kitchen curtains I've been wanting for a while. I partly revamped the kitchen this past weekend and picked new fabric for the curtains and possibly bar stool/seat covers. Here it is.....

I love the colors!!!! The fabric for the windows is exactly what I was looking for. I love the idea of a bright and colorful kitchen. It's so festive and inviting.   I also painted an accent wall in my kitchen in the Pantone color swatch you see to the right. It's called "McCaw Green" and boy is it pleasantly bright:) It just makes me smile.

I have a rather small window over the sink in my kitchen and I'm having the hardest time deciding on a style of curtain to make. Luckily I found one of my fave curtain books so hopefully I'll be able to decide on something asap! While I'm at it I need to make some bathroom curtains so I'll look into that too!
(Love this book! It's always so helpful)

All this decorating is definitely igniting some euphoric feelings. Man I love my home and am enjoying using my creativity to make it one my family and others can enjoy. But I've got to get grounded and  get some apparel sewing done as well. I've got to finish my yellow top, make some navy blue ponteroma yoga pants (I don't do yoga but for apparel wear) and possibly a cute little dress to wear for Father's day.
(yoga pants pattern and fabric and the Vogue top that's cut out in a yellow rayon and is just begging to be sewn up!)

 We'll see what I can get in this week and how this "tug of war" goes. I'm definitely going to push to get as much done as I can!

What about you, what's been competing with your sewing as of late? What's been your strategy in handling it???? Do tell!!!


  1. The kitchen is going to be wonderful-when do we see a picture? I love the multi-colored stripes with the macaw green. Also, one of my recent fitting disasters was with the Rebecca Taylor top so I'll be looking for your version.

  2. I love the stripe. I love stripes anyway, but those colours are perfect for a kitchen. That particular shade of green is my default colour at the moment and I will most likely be painting my newly renovated kitchen that colour!

  3. I love the color of your accent wall! My front room is chartreuse, but I love the deeper green too. The curtains will be adorable!


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