Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 5.2.13

Sewing jots & tittles is my weekly/bi-weekly post chronicling all of my ideas and thoughts---whether insightful or just plain zany! Here's what's been bouncing off the recesses of my mind this week.....

Sewing, Fashions and Such

It's officially Spring! McCall's got some cute patterns this season!!!

 This thing came to the rescue at Hancock's and saved me $20+ dollars. Thank God both Jo-Ann's and Hancock take competitor's coupons!!!

 A good friend of mine bought me this cute little card and journal set. The card and journal looks like a retro pattern envelope. The envelopes have pattern pieces on them. Isn't that just the cutest!!! Someone's gonna have to be awful special to get one of these cards from me! LOL!

 The remake of "The Great Gatsby" is about to be released in theatres. I'm totally feeling this beautiful dress worn by Carrie Mulligan, one of the lead actresses. I might need to explore 1920's fashions. This dress is really breathtaking. I read the book in high school---didn't we all---so if I see he movie (likely when it hit's redbox) I'll be mainly watching it for the costumes!!!!

I'm so late! I just got my first batch of FOE (fold over elastic). Can't wait to use it. I have a tank-top that it would be perfect for!!!

 Found some money from my trip to Belize a few years back. I love looking at currency from other countries! 

 Checked out this audiobook from the library and ripped it for my IPOD! It's awesome! I highly recommend it. I love that it deals with the psychology behind procrastination and introduces it as a defense mechanism.  I sorta figured that out a few years ago when I used to procrastinate due to struggling with perfectionism and/or difficulty making fast decisions and over analyzing. Thankfully I've worked through most of my issues and am more aggressive about pushing forward. I've learned just to ignore the fears and over analysis (don't kid yourself they don't go away entirely) and push forward anyway (wink).

 Cool sidewalk art, huh???

 I know it's blueberry season but dang, looks like the one left (right next to a normal size blueberry) got zapped with some sorta radiation! LOL!

Made my famous cheescakes but in "mini" forms along with homemade strawberry sauce. Yum, yum!

Just started reading this book. Very insightful. Everyone's got someone in their life that knows how to work them up. You probably can't control them but you sure can learn how to handle yourself better (wink).

If you have to put a "shrimp allergy" warning on a bag of shrimp in order for someone to realize that the bag contains shrimp then that person is probably "not playing with a full deck". That is all! LOL!

I SOOOOO cannot wait for this! It'll be out in June. Ok, I'll date myself but I grew up in the days when Christopher Reeves was Superman. I loved every movie. I've even watched the really old black and white Superman series. I mean who doesn't like Superman. On top of that I LOVE that Hans Zimmer did the soundtrack---which you can hear in this trailer. Gives me chills on top of chills!!!!! Hans Zimmerman creates the best movie scores!!!!


  1. Lots of fun stuff! I want to check out The Now Habit. Sounds very interesting.

  2. I can't wait for Superman as well! Your Shrimp post almost made my coffee come out my nose!

  3. shrimp allergy warning! ahahahaaa. Have a good weekend.

  4. Love the dress in the lower right. May have to add thagt pattern to my wish list. And I will date myself when I say that when I grew up, George Reeve was Superman!

  5. Oh I love that it's spring! Even though I live in Florida! Also, you're not the only who has not used fold over elastic, neither have I! I do pla on ordering some and giving it a try too. BTW...looks like there are quite a few of us who jumped on the McCalls 6751 pattern! All the views are nice! Can't wait to see your versions!

  6. Thanks for this post! Have a few questions.... How did you obtain the Daffodil Dash card? Is it a promo card or a discount card? Also, I really want to get a hold of the "Now Habit", I could really use that. Third, I have never heard of the fold-over elastic , gotta look that one up. Can't wait to see how you use it.
    And ( off topic), Do you add your client's sewing in your 10,000 hrs challenge, just asking?

    1. Hey Alethia, the DDC card was an incentive for spending a certain amount at the previous week's sale. I can't remember all of the details. I'll answer your client sewing question for my next Q&A segment:)


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