Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 5.22.13

It's that time again. Time to share my sewing jots and tittles!!!! I've been cleaning my sewing studio all this week and I'm pretty much finished. I've purged lots of fabric and other stuff. I can finally get back to sewing. Here's what's been on my mind while I was locked away in my sewing room.....

Sewing, Fashion and Such.....

 This dress doesn't come in my daughter's size but I'm willling to buy it and grade it up in order for her to have it! It's too cute!!!

Mother's Day gifts wouldn't be complete without Jo-Ann's and Hancock gift cards. Hubby knows me all too well!!!!

What?!?!?!? I'm so frugal. That price is too high for little girl capris. That's around the limit of what I'd pay for mine!!!

I absolutely HATE rick rack!!!! Like with a passion. Too bad because this was a perfect match to the dress I made for my daughter on Mother's day.

Gwyneth Paltrow's dress to the Iron Man 3 premier. I love it from the front. That side shot is a whole other story! LOL!

Who knew that a non-skid rug pad would be great to use underneath my cutting boards when I have to cut large items on the floor. It provided stability and worked like a charm!!!!
Saw this online and found it quite interesting. It's Honey Boo Boo's Mom's wedding dress. Hey it's not my style per say but I can't be mad at anyone who get's a custom made wedding dress. Very unique!


 I drive my Hubby crazy with this. You probably don't notice anything strange but I'm draining freshly fried french fries on coffee filters. I LOVE coffee filters. They are SO absorbent! I use them just like they're paper towels! LOL!!!!

 Witnessed the sweetest thing during early morning traffic. Garbage truck workers parked their truck mid traffic to help a man move his disabled vehicle out of the road. Random acts of kindness always melt my heart!

 Got the BEST deal on lobster tails and crab legs a few weeks ago. You know it was one of those deals that I had to look around because I felt like I was stealing something. LOL! No seriously, I did ask the butcher if there was something wrong with them. They'd just reached their "sell by date" and had to be drastically marked down! What a steal.
So I cooked the aforementioned lobster tails and shared one with my daughter. She had the nerve to ask me why I was so excited (rolling my eyes).  I had to show her the price tag which of course meant nothing to her since she's 5. A $3 lobster tail should make anyone excited! LOL!!!!

 (There aren't too many small grocery stores you'll go in that will have chandelier cleaner. This alone gives you an idea of the demographic! LOL!

Today was career day at my daughter's school. After I convinced her that being a princess wasn't really a realistic career choice she opted to be a ballerina! Geesh! That took an awful lot of convincing! LOL!!!!

(Yes this actually happened to me. Made a quick trip to Hancock to pick up some supplies. Stopped at the gas station and finally looked down at my feet. I almost gasped loud enough for others to hear. Putting on mismatched shoes is a clear indication I'm getting old. LOL!!!

I'm currently streaming this on Netflix. So far a good movie. What I really like is taking in the scenery which I've personally seen. Between 2010 and 2012 I took 4 trips (2 weeks each) to Barrow, Alaska for research/field work. We took snow machines and sleds out on the ice as depicted in the movie. It's so beautiful on the ice and I love seeing the locals in their traditional hunting parkas. Barrow's so small that most of it is captured in this film. It's like being back there with the exception of actually feeling the -35C temperatures LOL!


  1. Victoria, wearing mix matched shoes is better than wearing no shoes. I was leaving home for work and eating a fried chicken sandwich as I walked out the door. Approaching the light on main street Garden City, which was 15 mins from my job, I noticed I did not have any shows on. I drove into PIC N PAY and hurried on to work in my new cheap black work boots.

    1. That is hilarious Terrell!!! Your story "takes the cake" for sure! Mine pales in comparison!!!! That sandwich was so good it made you forget your shoes! LOL!!!

  2. Yea! You're back! Your posts just make me so happy!

  3. I remember your posts about Barrow! I was so excited to know someone who was that far north. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. Ha ha I enjoyed this post, and Terrell's comment above, thank you ladies!

  5. Great post! Random acts are so great!

  6. oh that photo of the shoes - priceless. Makes me wonder if I have done that and not known it. thanks for sharing.

  7. LOl, I actually did the shoe thing but did not notice until the following day when I went to put them on again...

  8. I laughed out loud at the picture of your mismatched shoes! :') I'm sure a lot of us are guilty of it. I am! And I don't even have kids. Oh lord!




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