Friday, May 17, 2013

Back to the Regularly scheduled program.....

Things have been bonkers as of late!!!! And I have DESPERATELY MISSED you guys!!!! I've got to catch up on my blog reading and posts. I've got so much to say but just haven't had the time to say it due. Well I think things are calming down a bit so it's time to get back to it.......

I've been doing a bit of work for others and hadn't got much done for myself. Here's what I plan to sew up next.....
(I love the textured orange knit. I'm still debating whether to use it to make a top or to make a dress. I thought the turquoise jegging fabric would a nice pop of color to my wardrobe)

I also have several posts I need to crank out and they must be done before the month ends. I'm just a planner that way so here's what to look forward too......

1.Questions & Answers (if you have any questions you want to ask me please leave in the comments section below and I'll include answers to them in this post.)
2. Sewing Jots and Tittles
3. DVD Review--bought 3 Silhouette Pattern DVD's I need to review.
4. Book &  Fabric Sale---I've downsized my book collection and am now working on my fabric stash. Will post stuff to sale once I'm done.
5. My Sewing Queue ---Got alot of things I want to sew for myself in the next few weeks.
6. Another Post (TBD)

Ok, that's a good bit of stuff to crank out in the next 2 weeks but it will be fun!

See ya more frequently!!!!!! Happy Sewing!!!!!


  1. Ah, you are beginning the same process I am ending. :-) I moved my sewing room downstairs to the basement, which resulted in new bedroom and spare room furniture for the upstairs. Win Win, wouldn't you say?

    The turquoise will be wonderful leggings and the orange? a top is my vote.

  2. I'm currently trying to clean up my house and designate a sewing room but I'd never be able to sell/get rid of fabric. Good on you!

  3. Hello. I just found your blog via google. Are any of these items still available?

  4. We wannasew, I'm still selling 2 DVD's. Please go to the next post "Sewing DVD's for SALE" to get more info:)


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