Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Weekend Sewing Queue.....

Oh where, oh where did the month of May go???? Wow, we've found ourselves already at the end of another month. Crazy, huh? Well here's just a quick little update. Well in addition to some client work and home improvement tasks (which have seriously been competing with my sewing time) I'll be squeezing in some sewing for myself. Here's the patterns I'm using. I should be done with 3 pieces by tomorrow (2 pairs of leggings and one top) and will work on the Vogue top on Saturday. Here's the patterns I'm using.....

Let's just say that all 4 items will be extremely bright and colorful. I found the legging material in 2 awesome colors. I'm not afraid of color---it makes me happy:) Can't wait to share. What about you, got some exciting sewing plans for the weekend????


  1. I've started school uniform shorts. So boring and beige, I can hardly stand cutting them out.

  2. Leggings are so essential in the summer. I've got to put htem on my list.

    But here's my list for this weekend:
    Mccalls 6700 - a maxi dress (2nd one)
    Vogue 8898 - view B (simple dress)
    Ginger Skirt - almost done - just needs to be hemmed
    a wrap skirt
    and then I need to work on tops. I definitely need tops. I like the ones you've chosen for yourself. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  3. Nice plans!! The Rebecca Taylor top is so pretty, and I had a wadder from that pattern. I didn't get the petite alterations correct and just lost interest. This weekend I am trying out a new saddle for my young horse (did you know that saddles must fit correctly? and that horse's change shape as they become more or less fit?).

    I hope to sew a simple skirt and use up some stashed fabric.

  4. I can't wait to see your leggings! They're the one thing I'm desperate to make when I get an overlocker.

  5. Looking forward to seeing them all sewn up and worn Victoria! Colors make me happy too!


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