Monday, May 7, 2012

Brutal Honesty / Mother's Day Dress

I know I'm supposed to share my upcoming sewing plans for the next 2 months but I'll have to postpone them because I'm in the middle of an EMERGENCY right now!!!! Mother's Day is Sunday and I NEED A NEW DRESS!!!! That's right, need! LOL! Mother's Day is such a SPECIAL day so I like to look my best. So I've been on the hunt a bit this evening and ended up getting into a discussion of my ideas with my Hubby. It ended up being a rather humorous conversation to say the least.

So I showed him this dress idea.......

The following conversation ensued.....

Me: Yeah, I was thinking of making this dress for Mother's Day and using this red and black checkered fabric. What do you think?
Hubby: (the pattern) looks like a glorified bathrobe!!!
Me: (Blinking)....What? I happen to find this very stylish and the bold pattern would make it pop!

Realizing this dress really wasn't going to work for the occasion, I leave the room to go rummage in my sewing room for more ideas. I return to speak to him.

Me: Yeah, to be honest, I really wanted something floral for Mother's day.
Hubby: Yeah that sounds much better than something with a computer grid on it.
Me: (Scoffs sarcastically) What a computer grid? It's not that bad!!! .............Well that's why I always ask your opinion.......(laughing) I know you're going to be completely honest with me!

I LOVE having conversations like this with my Hubby! I get to brainstorm with him and he provides me his opinion. I appreciate his honesty. And because of it I didn't end of settling for a quick dress pick out of desperation (for the record I totally plan to make the Vena Cava dress but not for Sunday). Besides he's WAY nicer than my 4 year old daughter. She has a really good fashion sense for her age. Between the both of them I know both of them won't let me leave the house looking like a hot mess!!!

So I did another search through my closet and patterns and tracked down a pattern and fabric that I really liked. This is what I came up with.

I plan on making view C, the one the model's wearing. My floral prints are rather large but I think this will work. And it got my Hubby's "thumb up" approval so I'm going for it. The fabric is really, really pretty. It's a polyester shantung and has a a pretty shimmer with vibrant colors. I'm hoping this turn out good. Well I've got some client work still to finish up and I'll be jumping on this dress.

But before I go, I have to know---Who do you turn to for "brutal honesty" regarding your fabric and pattern choices or clothes in general???


  1. My hubby holds that position. Like your hubby, he tells it like it is. He actually has pretty good fashion sense.

  2. I get honest advice from a work colleague and my sewing buddies.

  3. My husband, he actually hurts my feeling sometimes he's so honest! When I'm done feeling pitiful and think about what he said, 9 times out of 10 my project is improved by taking his suggestion!!

  4. I'm on my own when it comes to making judgements and I expect I get it wrong a lot! I have never heard that Vena Cava pattern called a bathrobe before!! Your revised plans looks lovely.

  5. I always ask my hubby when I'm doubting.

    And the McCalls pattern you picked for the flowery fabric....I'm making the B version just yet ;)
    Mine will be dark blue with big white dots ;)


  6. I fashion consultant is my husband. He's very supportive of my sewing and always give his opinion whether I want it or not! I do value his opinion and I guess that's why I always consult with him.

  7. Not my mother. Unless it looks like something she sewed for herself in the 1980s, she does not approve. Not my husband: he is unconditionally approving (which is a nice quality to have in a spouse, but not always helpful when trying to make a decision). Probably my young-adult daughter, but she no longer lives in our house with us.

  8. My husband and daughter are my fashion consultants.

  9. My husband and my best friend who isn't local so computer photos are sent lol

  10. My husband and my daughter too! My daughter is 16 sooo it gets pretty interesting.

  11. Normally, it's easy for me to make the decision, but if I'm on the fence I talk to one of my girlfriends.... Like the new pattern choice and the fabric!

  12. My go to team is my DH, DD & brother.

  13. Definitely my husband! He's pretty good and really knows what I like. I truly only go to him when I'm "on the fence". Typically I'm pretty good in my decisions. However, there have been some not so good decisions made by me! Good luck with your dress and Happy "early" Mother's Day!

  14. And I thought I was the only one who might leave the house looking like a hot mess! My husband is a valuable adviser, too.

  15. My mom will give me brutal honesty, but she lives in Austin (90 miles away). Really though, I don't care if I leave the house a hot mess and would rather love the outfit I made than have someone tell me that I look awful. I'd want to know that I'm not embarassing a family member or close friend, but if a stranger doesn't like it, because I it might ruin the good feeling I have about an outfit I like, it isn't something I want to know. Lucky for me, my hubby is one of the most clueless people I know around when it comes to fashion. I am going to be in trouble when the bear cub gets old enough to tell me what she thinks of my outfits, but I figure I have at least a half a decade for that.


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