Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Best Sewing Dream to Date!!!!

It's funny, as much as I OBSESS over sewing, I don't have many sewing related dreams. Now I've been known to interrupt a good night's rest stressing over a serious project deadline. But I don't recall too many memorable sewing dreams. Well I'll always remember last night's. What a peculiar dream it was. Ok, here's what happened....

I was at some random fashion show somewhere. The details are quite foggy. To be quite honest it looked like I was in a darkened high school gymnasium somewhere. There was nothing fancy about the venue. I don't even know who the designers were. However, there were loads of people there which made it a big event. I was standing off to the side when I noticed a fellow with dark hair walk past me. Then I realized it was the famed fashion designer Zac Posen!!! Now, he could possibly be in my dream considering I was watching the movie Seamless the other day and he did a cameo in it!!! Anyhow, I looked at him as he walked past me hastely. It seems like he was in a hurry and trying to go unnoticed. He looked a little different as well. He had longer hair---wavy and shoulder length, as opposed to his usual short crop and he was wearing a dark trench coat. So when I saw him I instantly got star struck and clammed up out of nervousness. But the fear of him getting away prompted me into action. I managed to move fast enough to tap him on the arm and get his attention. He looked at me understandably annoyed. I quickly introduced myself and told him how much I was a fan of his work. I think I was talking a mile a minute. This seemed to disarm him a bit. He still looked somewhat annoyed so I began to turn on the wit and charm a bit (I surprised myself!!!). Actually I turned it on alot and within a few minutes I had him laughing. Man, I wish I could remember exactly what I said!!! At some point I explained that I was a home sewer and that I could be useful helping him in his studio. I even agreed to sew buttons & notions on his garments for him. I practically told him he needed me & I would be a big asset to him. I was pulling for straws ya'll---anything that would get me in that man's studio.Well what I said must have worked---because he agreed. And when he did the strangest thing happened. I could hear my own thoughts and feel my emotions in the dream. In that split second, deep inside, I knew I just had a big opportunity that would change my life. If I could just be close enough to him and his work it would GREATLY affect my own and catapult me to being a more outstanding seamstress, a designer and beyond. It was actually a great feeling---one of depth, clarity and purpose. It was enlightening!!!

The next thing I know, I had my arm hooked in his and we're talking about his work some more. He then asked me to hold a seat for him at the fashion show while he left for a minute. I was soooooo excited!!!  I went and grabbed two upfront seats and awaited his accompaniment. The show just started to get underway and I anxiously awaited his return. To be honest a part of me wondered if he'd really return. Then all of a sudden I felt a tap on my cheek. A light but gentle pat............I looked up......and opened my eyes to see my 4 year old asking to snuggle next to me. WHAT!!!! She woke me out of my dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, she did so for a good reason--I like snuggle time too---BUT I'll never know if Zac came back and what became of our lives together. LOL!!! I know, maybe a little too dramatic. But it was a great dream. If anything, I think it revealed my deep subconcious thoughts about excelling at this sewing thing. I don't really know what will become of my sewing but I have alot of sewing goals and I plan to work diligently toward them. With that being said, I've gotta get back to a dress I'm sewing.

But I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had a fabulous "Sewing dream". Care to share???

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  1. Now that was some dream and a wonderful story! I've never had a dream like that and if I do, I sure hope I get to see the end of it too!


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