Thursday, May 17, 2012

My "Sewing Bucket List"

While reading a fitness magazine in the sauna a couple of weeks ago,  I ran across an article with a celebrity who was relatively young and was creating a bucket list--a list of things to do before you die. I found a neat article on the subject HERE. It got me to thinking about my own goals. In truth, I've only known about the term for a few years and thought that was something to be pursued upon retirement. But that is definitely not the case. I have a ton of goals that I'm looking into pursuing now. I plan someday SOON to go to Greece, see the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, etc. My hubby wants us to participate in the "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona, Spain. Is he out of his mind or what.  I'd settle for wearing the red scarf and viewing from an upstairs window LOL!!! I have so many ideas and aspirations and definitely need to commit them to paper and create some plans.

Well all of this thinking and planning got me to wondering about my sewing related goals. Well first off, we all know my ultimate goal and purpose of this blog is to log 10,000 Hours of Sewing/Sewing related activities. I think we're all clear on that (smile). But in the midst of that If I were to create a Sewing Bucket List, what would it look like? I hadn't had all that much time to do alot of research or ponder this but here are the immediate things that come to mind.......

1. Visit Paris and attend a Fashion week show.

2. Make a garment for a famous person. Note: This I'm sure will make it MUCH easier to get into a Paris
    Fashion week show! LOL!!!
3. Visit the LA Fashion District.
4. Visit NYC Garment District  Done!!! Twice!!! Plan to go back again!!!

5. Attend at least one NYC Fashion Week Show. Would love to see an Elie Saab show!!!

6. Create my own sewing patterns and distribute.
7. Create a sewing video.
8. Write a sewing book.
9. Visit Japan's Fabric district. Is there really one?
10. Make a wedding dress for a client. Done!!! Would love to do that again!!!

(Client & Hubby who had wedding in Jamaica I think a few years back)

11. Create my own Spring Fashion line (it's my favorite Season). I already have some sketches and
      would love to bring them to life!!!!
12. Visit some textile mills in NC and buy fabric.

13. Have a Custom Dressform made Done!!! The replacement is on the way!
14. Visit India to buy silks.

15. Attend the largest sewing conference. What is that by the way???? I've been to the Original Sewing       & Quilting Expo but that's a smaller one.
16. Start a sewing business Done!!! Been going strong for about 6 years now!
17. Teach sewing at a Non-Profit organization or heck, start my own!!! My focus would be to create a       positive image through sewing. I ALWAYS love to give back.
18. Teach sewing classes on a larger scale. Not the I love to teach and empower others!!! Teaching      sewing in an undeveloped country would also be cool. Sewing is an awesome skill.
19. Make a couture gown. Visiting Chanel's Haute Couture workshop wouldn't be a bad idea either!!!
20. Be a guest writer for a sewing magazine.

Update:  5/18/12 It hasn't even been 24 hours and I've already thought of some things I left off of my list.....

21. Sew my Daughter's Prom Dress---if she let's me.
22. Sew my Daughter's WEDDING dress---by that time (she's only 4 now) I should have logged close to   30,000 sewing hours. I think I'll be more than qualified! LOL! Of course, only if she wants me too:)
23. Become an expert at draping and pattern making!!!! I hope to take a college course and alot of       self-teaching to get me there.

Well that's what I have for now and trust me this list will grow as you just witnessed. I'm happy at where I've started and look forward to making these goals a reality. I know some of these things seem a little lofty but it was Steve Garvey who said " You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent potential. That's well said!!!!

What, pray tell, does your sewing bucket list look like? What are your top 3 goals? I'm interested in hearing them!!!


  1. A wonderful set of goals, and what's better - you've already achieved a few. I wish you all the best to achieve each and every one!

  2. This is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time now. Not just sewing, but life in general. Well you have inspired me to go and broadcast my sewing bucket list to the world. I posted mine over at my blog Musings of a Seamstress. We have quite a few goals that are the same. Which doesn't surprise me because I think they are goals that a lot of seamstresses/designers have. Good luck on your list!

  3. Great post Victoria! I really loved reading about your goals; and how awesome to have achieved a few!

  4. I love your sewing bucket list. I need to make one of my own.

  5. I think the textile mills in NC are all just about closed up; you may have to go to China/Vietnam?Korea for that one. You better make a lot of money quickly to complete this list as hubby may have difficulty keeping up with the bulls in a few years.

  6. I recommend adding a sewing vacation to your list. For years my sister (who is a professional tailor) and I have been saying we should sew together. But we live on opposite sides of the country, and I'm a small business owner so I'm always busy ( thankfully!), and ther always seems to be some obstacle in the way. BUT, a couple of months ago we made it happen. I showed up at her tailor studio with a suitcase full of fabric, patterns and ideas. We had the best time and I learned so much from her. I can't wait to do it again.

    1. Excellent idea!!! Sounds like you had a phenomenal time. Your Sis is a professional tailor? Lucky you!!! I'd have to move with her to pick her brain every minute (wink)!!!

  7. have you checked out sewing expo in Pyallup (near Seattle)? I haven't been but it is definitely one of my goals, just always busy when it happens. My one big sewing bucket would be to go to Thailand or somewhere like that and learn how to just take peoples measurements and crank out a nice jacket for them the next day. My daughter had one done like that and all I could think is that I want to learn how...
    Joyce (currently in NWT, Canada)

  8. May all your sewing dreams come true!


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