Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Mini Muslin & A Giveaway!!!

Well things seem to be moving right along. I'm busy at work on my daughter's Father/Daughter "Masquerade themed" banquet. I started last night and have worked off and on through the day. I'm about 75% done. I even made a quick little muslin to ensure a good fit for the "Wee-One". I had a feeling I'd need to do a few tweeks so the muslin helped me work that out. There's nothing cuter than a little kid wearing a muslin.....
(Daughter distracted by Alving & Chipmunk movie while muslin's being fitted. Great fit! Notice large mountain of fabric behind her. I've still got to find a place for all of that fabric!)

  Oh, I forgot to mention that the above dress is a new pattern. I was unsatisfied with the patterns I showed in last post. They just didn't do it for me. So I began looking all over again and ran across New Look 6881.

I'm making view "A" w/o the rick rack. I've opted to use another trim. It's PERFECT and the overlapped bodice was just what I was looking for. Again, most of it is assembled (with a few minor changes) and let me tell you that it is a CUTE dress!!! I'll keep the results as a surprise until next week.

Well it just so happens that I forgot I made this dress a couple years back for my daugther when she was probably 2. Although I don't have the original version to show (tossed it out due to a stain) I'd planned to make another right after the first so I went ahead and found similar fabric of another color, cut it out and stored everything in a ziploc bag. The thing is I never sewed it up. My daughter's twice the size and I don't have any need for it.

So if you're interesed in winning just leave me a comment saying so in this post. If you have a young child or would like to make this as a gift for one it would be perfect. Everything's there (except the zipper & lining) to make this cute litte dress. I believe I traced a size 1 or 2. The pattern is still intact and multisized and comes with insturctions. The fabric is a beautiful taffeta with lilac, white, & light blue stripes. There's also blue tulle to use as netting. Again, this would make a cute dress for someone!

Anywho.....The month's already started and I've got to finish plotting my sewing plans and let you in on the action. That's next......


  1. Oh cute! I'd love to make that dress for my niece. Thanks for offering it up!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished dress! I think my little one's are probably to big for the pattern, but thanks anyway.

  3. count me out on the giveaway... she sure looks cute in that muslin!

  4. I'd love to be in on the giveaway. My girls are 4, almost 3, and 1 and wear sizes 1, and 2 so no matter what size it is, it will fit one of them.

  5. The wee one will look lovely when this is finished. The dress already looks adorable.

  6. That will be a cute dress. But, I can't believe you can get that little girl to be still for a fitting!

  7. Your wee one looks so cute in her muslin. I'm sure the actual dress will be fantastic!

  8. Your little girl just a darling. I would love to have the pattern, I have a little girl in my life who would look great in those dresses. My favorite would be view D, the horizontal trims at the bottom and the little bow, too cute. I didn't see a closing date so I hope am not too late to enter.


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