Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keeping the Dream Alive: March & April 2012 10,000 Hour Sewing goals

With a new month in effect, It's time to recap my sewing goals. It's been a while but don't think I've last sight of my overall goals. Remember my goal is still to try and rack up 10,000 sewing hours. Here's my recent activities....

Well I've been busy around the sewing workshop. Just to have to add the zipper and hem my daughter's Father/Daughter Banquet dress and I'll be ready to move on to making her mask. I've got my supplies and all and just to do a little research to finalize my ideas.
(Mask to go along with my daughter's dress. I plan to add feathers & hopefully some turquoise crystals or glitter. I hope to add a dowel rod to the side of it so she can hold it up to her face.)

Well needless to say all of the work this month has definitely been a stark contrast to how I started the year. My January & February months in respect to sewing...................(silence).........(crickets chirping)........well, let's just say they were less than stellar. I didn't get to sew no where near as much as I desired. I did practically spend the entire month of January preparing to go to Alaska for 2 weeks, going, and trying to catch up with life once I returned. I snuck a little sewing in though. February was spent doing mostly client work. But I did manage to sneak in that COOL trip to the N.Y.C to get measured for my custom dress form. That whole trip was UBER exciting! And I was able to log "sewing related activity" hours visiting all of those sewing machines. By the way which looks like it might be ready to be shipped to me in the next week or so (keep your fingers crossed). But in the midst of all that I did manage to finish sewing up a dress.
(Simplicity 2305 in  Jo-Ann's "ostritch feather" charmeuse)

I'm actually still on the fence with this one. It looks better on the form than me. It's a shiny silvery blue charmeuse so the color is a little bit overpowering. But I'll try wearing it with a bolero and big belt to tone it down a bit. I think it could be cute that way. If I like it then I'll review it in the near future.

I'm not one to cry "over spilled milk" so I won't dwell on my low sewing hours for January & February. Instead I'd rather tell you about the exciting sewing plans I have for the March & April challenge months. Well I'm partly excited because we're headed into Spring---my favorite season. Truth be told we've already been having high 70F / low 80F weather so it feels like it already. Anywho, I haven't completely streamlined all of my ideas but let's just say I'm planning on making some fun clothes that for me kind of push the limits of my style. I'm feeling a bit colorful and a little more daring these days. Now my definition of daring may not be yours but if you've followed along with me for a little while you'll definitely be able to tell I'm venturing out a bit.

I definitely want to make some fun pieces. I'd like to incorporate more leggings, vests, skirts & pants into my wardrobe. On top of that I also have a few formal & special occassion sewing to do. My daughter's dress which I'm working on now, my Gala dress (April), and both my daughter and I's Easter dresses.

Anywho, here are some of the fabrics & patterns I'm looking at using. I won't pair them up because I'm notorious for changing my mind. But hopefully these will give you some idea of where I'm going.....
(I picked up this jersey knit from Jo-Ann's. It's splattered paint in turquoise, gray, black & white. It's so COOL! This fabric screams "playful" to me so I hope to use it in a fun outfit.

(Black knit with metallic glitter. I've ALWAYS wanted this fabric. It will make a cute off the shoulder top.)

(This is a cute sheer 100% rayon fabric with fashion themed pop art. I see a cute & airy halter top or a dress.)

(Chocolate brown reptile skin textured ponte knit. Somehow I've got it into my head this would make some cute leggings.)

(Twill digital print on left and blue white black ponte knit. And yep, thinking about these for cardigans & pants.)

(Some fun patterns I'm planning to use)

(I'm entertaining making this for my April Gala)

 (Some cute dresses. Love the Simplicity jacket on the right)

(I've been wanting to make this vest and jacket forever. That would be a cute Spring jacket!!!!)

Ok, I know I've got lots of ideas. My mojo is in full effect and I'm ready to go!!! I'm so excited. Ok, let me go put this zipper in the "Wee-One's" dress. Take care!!!


  1. I love following your sewing! I'm beginning to truly appreciate, after spending more time with my sewing machine (and ironing board and more sewing tools...) the last 2 years, what 10,000 hours can do to tweaking and polishing sewing skills!

    I am amazed with what you manage to churn out! Good luck with the March/April plans/projects!


  2. Onwards and upwards! Spring is in the air, and it definitely makes me want to get productive on the sewing front. You have some lovely fabrics.

  3. It looks like you'll be making up for your slow start this year very soon. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished projects!

  4. Can't wait to your new projects!


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