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Sewing Jots & Tittles 3.31.2012

Can't believe it's almost April!!! Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and now we're getting close to the finishing the first quarter. Well the thoughts/ideas in my brain has been moving as fast as the days. Here's what's been on my mind.....

-Easter Dress sewing is in EFFECT!!!!
Remember my Easter dress plans? I'm 75% done with my dress and about to begin my daughter's.
Here's the bodice and I've already done most of the skirt. Just have to add the collar, sleeves, and attach the skirt. I love the raspberry color.

I'm trying to hurry up and get through these 2 projects since I have so many other's I want to do:) So far, so good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have a Gala gown to sew right after these 2 and need it by the 14th! I'm going to be a sewing "mad woman".

-Baby on the Way.......
Guess who's in the mail? My custom made dressform from Andy's Dressfroms in NYC. And yes I said, "who" on purpose. I'll have to give her a name.  I can't wait!!! I have the UPS tracking # so I'm always looking for updates. I hope my dressform is my exact clone!!!

-BURDA PATTERNS on SALE April 5th-9th at Hancock's
If there's anything you DO NOT want to forget, it's this. These things only go on sale every blue moon. I'll be there with bells on. This is worth going to work late for LOL! And yes, it's that SERIOUS!!!! Don't FORGET!!!

-Got leggings on the brain
I have at least 4 leggings in the queue to sew up. Can't wait to get to them!!!

-$49.95 Dress
Saw this at Dress Barn. It wasn't the dress that caught my eye but the price tag.

Can't tell you the last time I paid that much for a dress. So thankful I can sew. I'll pay that for a pair of jeans before I do it for a dress!!!!

-Draping the Cross
In preparation for our Easter Service I have the task of preparing the drape for the cross. Actually I was asked to sew the drape so it doesn't slip or shift. I think I worked out a strategy where I'll sew the upper portion of the drape on the top of the cross and add velcro on the cross and underneath that portion of the drape so it won't slip and slide. Hope that does the trick.

Being tall has it's disadvantages. At 5'9" I have to pass on wedges that add 5" to my height. I don't really feel like being a skyscraper. But they're so cute.....walks away sobbing....

-Sewing for the Groom
I've sewn for a bride before (reception dress) but never for the groom. I have a friend (the Groom) who would like a bow tie that would match his groomsmen's ties but is having a hard time finding it. That's where I come it. I look forward to making one for him.  The wedding's not until July but I'm excited about it. Here's the pattern I'll use.....

-Love for Rayon Challis
I recently bought some from and I have flowy dresses and tops on the brain. Can't wait to use these.....


-Orange cauliflower?!?!
Who knew? I'm a big veggie fan and have never seen one of these before. Fascinating. I wonder if there's a difference in taste?

-Sleeping Beauties
I promised my Hubby I wouldn't post this on Facebook, but didn't say anything about my blog. LOL! I swear, just ran into Beall's Outlet only for 10 minutes. Came back and they were both passed out! LOL!

-This was posted at the YMCA! Love this quote.....

-The Sweetest book!
We as people could learn alot from animals.

-My meal problems are SOLVED!!!!
I am in LOVE!!! I bought a pressure cooker and it has revolutionized how I cook meals. I've known about these for years (hey we used to use one in my lab to sterilize things before we bought a autoclave). It cooks everything FAST! I've been a cooking fool. I made sirloin beef tips in 25min, cornbeef in 45min, a pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches in 35 min. I've been making soups and everything. I love to cook but don't always have the time. Well I'm set now. And the good thing is all of the food nutrients are locked in. So I can cook the healthy meals I like. And all for $42 on I'm going to buy at least 2 more. If anything they're great for using to quickly cook meats and use in other recipes.

I also bought this cookbook and the recipes are AWESOME!!!!
With meals done there's more time for SEWING!!!!

-Pure ridiculousness!!!
I swear McDonald's doesn't need a gimick to attract customers. This store was recently rennovated and for it's Grand Opening offered to give the first 100 customers a "Year of FREE Bigmacs". That's ludicrous. Who would even want that?!?!?

Well that's what's been on my mind. What's been on yours?????


  1. lots of fun in this post :) Oh I am so jealous about the dressform, can't wait to see it. As for the pressure cooker - I just use it for some vegetables, great for artichokes! And I like that quote you saw on the bulletin board, good things to remember. Lastly - I wish I had a few inches of your height! I always wonder when I try on jeans who could possibly need that much length :-)

  2. LOL! A year of Big Macs! Hey, I guess free is FREE!! I love how your Easter dress looks so far, the color is so beautiful. And it is worth remembering that Burda patterns will be on sale at Hancock Fabrics!!

  3. I laugh at who would want that! My ex father in law thought McDonalds was the greatest and would compare my everything made from scratch meals to McDonald's.. why did I bother. I love my pressure cooker too. I'm going to look at getting that book. Thanks

  4. umm a year of Big Macs LOL well being vegetarian taht certainly does not appeal to me LOL

    I love cauliflower but I have not had orange either! I usually just cut it up, drizzle with a little oil salt pepper toss... Put in 400 degree oven on flat pan for 40 minutes. Roasted cauliflower I can eat my weight in it! So good

    I could not even walk in those shoes ROFL..

  5. I bought one of those orange cauliflowers and made it into cauliflower cheddar cheese soup. Yum! It didn't actually taste any different that your garden variety white. My whole foods had them in purple, too.

  6. Oh what a fun fun post this was! I heard of purple cauliflowers (!?) but I guess they come in orange too:) Oh well..ridiculous either way.
    The pressure cooker is AWESOME, oh and I cannot wait to see your new dress form. So exciting!!!

  7. I hear you on the height issue - I am also 5'9", and so many cute shoes I pass on. Really don't feel like being 6' tall and thereby taller than 99% of those around me. I already do that at 5' 9"! LOL!!!

    Love the animal friendships pictures

  8. Victoria - that's a full of info post!
    Yes, yellow cal is yummy (sometimes called Cheddar) but a bit tougher, so cook it longer. I also tried Green and Purple.
    Oh, cool - your baby is on its way!
    Shoes! Love those.
    Victoria, maybe you have an idea. I'm looking for simple, light man's jacket. Couldn't find it in cataloques at craft store. Can I find it somewhere on-line or just cut up my DH's old jacket. That jacket looks so pity, that I am willing to remake it! ;))) Thank you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You will SO LOVE your pressure cooker. Those things rock some serious beans, too!

  10. Okay, I love the book suggestion, and the Cross...and the fact that your baby is on the way! Aren't you SO excited?

  11. I just bought that pressure cooker cookbook, too. Pass on the chicken cacciatore recipe. I love cacciatore normally, but this was just okay.


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