Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost down to the wire.....

Ok, I've got less than a week (5 days to be exact) to crank out a dress for my "Wee-One" to wear to this year's Father/ Daughter Banquet. Her event is not until Friday but I'll be helping work the event which will be held on Thursday & Friday so I won't have much time to sew. As I mentioned earlier it is a masquerade theme and I've already picked up a lovely fabric for her. It's a taffeta fabric with velvet embroidery on top.

(Here it is draped on my dressform. The blue is alot richer & a little darker in color than pictured. Also, just realized I draped the design sideways)

But I still haven't finalized my ideas for her dress. I've had so many thoughts and haven't been able to narrow them down to come up with a sketch. Here's some dresses I've seen on the web that have features I like.....

(The front bows are TOO cute!!! I love the simple shoulder straps and the shaping of the bodice)

(I always love a busy dress with a bolero. And look at the cute flower embellishment)

(Love the skirt and how texture was created through tacking the skirt)
(Love the neckline ruffles and side bow)

(Halter dresses are just adorable on little girls)

(Love the style with the front bodice pleats and the jewel adorned belt)

 So I really love features from each dress! But I'm convinced with fabric as bold as hers that I don't need any extravagant designs. So I may just make a pretty dress and use some embellishments to make it pop. Here's the patterns I have to choose from.

 Oh my goodness to be quite honest at first these patterns made me yawn. None of them had that wow factor I was originally looking for. I wanted something that would be borderline costumey to have that dramatic masquerade look. I even explored using some Halloween costume patterns. Again, I'm nervous this may be a bit much giving the bold fabric choice. So since I'm pressed for time and I don't want to go too overboard one or more of them in some combination will have to do. I'll tell you this much, by tomorrow evening I'll be settled on an idea and will be working to make her dress happen. I refuse to be sewing until the last minute this year.......Wish me luck!!!


  1. OMG, I LOVE that fabric. She is going to be a doll!

  2. Lots of luck. She's going to look gorgeous.

  3. I agree that you should let the lovely fabric do most of the talking - I think as long as you have a nice pouffy skirt the dress is going to look gorgeous.

  4. Good luck! Beautiful fabric. She will look adorable.

  5. Love love the fabric! Good luck with the creations! :)

  6. What a great idea to do 10,000 hours of sewing to become an expert! I read the book Outliers and was fascinated! I'm your newest follower and I can't wait to see what you do next!

  7. Be kind to yourself, and pick a simple silhouette! The fabric you chose will dominate, whatever dress you make. Choose something that will let it do most of the work for you. Throw on a sash or bow or flower in chocolate brown or violet for some extra "pretty." I like the idea of a bolero, just because weather is so changeable this time of year in the South. Happy sewing.

  8. that fabric is jaw dropping gorgeous! I can't wait to see you work your magic!

  9. Like they say on Project Runway, "you've got to self edit" when you have too many great ideas! Lots of cute patterns, but that fabric is a beautiful focal point. I love the idea of a black flower at the waistband. For this fabric, the front bow might compete with the fabric. Can't wait to see what wonderful final product you come up with!

  10. The fabric is gorgeous and a simple dress will work well... letting the fabric print have full court.

  11. I agree, the fabric is fabulous in it's own right! Anything made with this will be gorgeous! Good Luck!

  12. Victoria - The beautiful fabric will definitely be the speaker. It's gorgeous. So whatever design you choose, your little princess will be the Belle of the Ball. I think it's great that you and your husband celebrate your princess.

  13. She will look like a princess! The fabric is gorgeous. Nice choice, Victoria!


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