Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Fashion Forecast/ Accessory Hop

Please bear with me, I meant to have this post done hours sooner but I'm home from work nursing a sick child. Fortunately we caught the ear infection/ sore throat early so with meds & some R& R the "Wee-One" will be back to her old self....... faster than you can even say "Karl Lagerfeld wears black leather gloves"! LOL! Just being a little silly!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm really estatic about my Fall sewing ideas. The plans just keep coming together and I look forward to executing them. Here's a few ideas of what I see my fall wardrobe shaping up to be. Also, I'm participating in Toy's "Accessory Hop" so I'll also include the accessories that I plan to incorporate in my wardrobe.

My Fall Wardrobe will include...

-My favorite staple, turtleneck or sweater and cute plaid skirts .
 (excuse the wrinkled skirt, no time to iron)

Accessories: Shoe booties, bracelet, necklace, and/or tights.

-Printed dresses with cardigans. I always love the combo because it allows you to be bold but tame it a bit with a solid colored cardigan. It's always quite the look.
(Sorry, couldn't track down the black cardigan. But you can use your imagination:)

- Sweater dresses. I LOVE these. They're warm and stylish!!!

Accessories: Tights and Scarfs.There's a pack of gray & black tights hanging from the pocket. I hope to add some colored tights in the mix as well as featured in this picture.

-Jackets. I love jackets, they're always an extra layer that can add a wow factor to any outfit. Especially when it's over a graphic tee and sequined scarf.

Accessories:  Cute scarves, earrings, necklaces, & bracelets

- Velour Jumpsuits. As you know I work a job with a very casual dress code so I need some stylish, yet cute looks to add to my wardrobe.

I have black & blue velour that I can't wait to use with this Kwik sew 3678 pattern!

-Cardigan & Jeans or Corduroy pants:

I've only sewn one cardigan but plan on making a few more in basic colors so I can always have one to grab. I also have black & tan corduroy fabric for the pants. Here's the patterns I plan to use.......

Accessories: Boots, necklaces, bracelets, earrings

-Tunics/ Pullovers & Leggings. I really hope to live in this style but I've got alot of sewing to do. Here's the patterns I plan to use to achieve the look.

Accessories: Chunky boots, headbands, bracelets, belts

So those are some of the outfits I'm trying to rock for fall. I have most of my dressy clothes but need to focus on sewing more of the casual one's.

Just to recap, here's the accessory round up. Some accessories I already displayed above.....
 (Boots, bracelets, headbands, necklaces, tights, belts.....
and lots of scarves........)
I'm ALWAYS looking forward to adding some new accessories to my collection. I'm currently looking for some chunky casual boots to wear with my tunics amongst a few other things. Hope to acquire these items soon.

Hope you're having fun planning your fall wardrobe & accessories!!!! How's it looking for you?


  1. I love how you're pulling this all together. The jack, tee, scarf combo I love!

  2. Wonderful fall sewing plans and great accessories.

  3. Niiiiiiice(drag the i out - lol).....VERY niiiiiiice!

  4. I,too, love the way you're pulling your fall wardrobe together! I need tips on accessorizing~ thanks!

  5. Looks like you've got some great ideas and wonderful accessories. I look forward to seeing your new creations this fall.

  6. Some great looks here. I'm going to steal some inspiration from you and make a dress like your printed knit one. I have a snakeskin print that would work really well. Thank you! I've made the Kwik Sew pattern recently and I love the pants because they have no seam on the outside, which makes them really comfortable for lounging around the house in winter!

  7. I loved reading this post, it was great and I love your collection of scarfs, they are my favorite fall accessory.
    Thanks for participating!

  8. Wow Victoria, you have some really nice selections. Love how you've accessorized some of your basic pieces! I can't wait until I return from vacation so I can catch up with fall sewing!

  9. Love your choices... I also love a print knit dress and cardi or jacket. Having that completer piece really makes an outfit, doesn't it?


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