Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sewing Jots & Tittles 10.6.11

-A Thousand Thanks
You guys have SUCH a wealth of information!!!! I appreciated all of your input regarding getting "the Wee-One" her own sewing machine. I appreciated all of your personal experiences and stories that you shared. I'm still processing all of the information but I think at the moment I will start her out with yarn, plastic canvas, and a plastic wide eye needle. I have a bunch of yarn (leftover from old crochet projects) and some plastic canvas in a variety of shapes. I think this will be extremely entertaining to her. When I decide to go the machine route I definitely will go with a real one instead of a toy. You guys opened my eyes. I didn't know there were so many nice machines for $40-$60.

-How Bazaar!!!
I received this month's Harper Bazaar and the cover of Lady Gaga au naturel caught my attention. I mean it's not often you see her without all of the wild makeup. So quite naturally I wanted to see her article so I flipped through a couple of pages to see if I could find the Table of Contents. Well 76 pages in guess what I stumbled on FINALLY! Seriously?!?  Come on! Nothing like being forced to flip through 75 pages of advertisement just to find a table of contents! I got nothing but frustration from that exercise!

-Two wrong shoes sizes makes a RIGHT price!
I so happened to walk by Shoe Carnival on my way to a restaurant last weekend and saw they were having a sidewalk sale. Well some cute snake skin embossed in black caught my eye. What can I say it was love at first sight and they were 50% off with a sale price of $12. So I went to pay for them and the sales lady noticed that the shoes I had were in 2 different sizes--- a 9.5 & 10. Well it so happens that I can wear both. The sales lady tried to find the correct matches for these shoe but couldn't. So I asked if they'd sale them for a discount. They slashed them down to $7 and I left the store with 2 differently sized shoes and a happy wallet. Don't you judge me---you know I'm down for a good bargain (wink)!

-Rekindled Love
I made this snakeskin print knit dress a few months ago and had mixed feelings about. But I tried it back on again and fell back in love with it. Maybe it was the change in styling or the fact that I've been hitting the gym and the dress just fit much better. But I LOVE this dress. Funny how things can come full circle. Also, I'm wearing the size 9.5 & 10 black sandals that are pictured above. The texture of the shoes went perfect with the dress and surprisingly well with tights.

-Blog "Sew Here We go Again"
Karin from the blog "Making the Seam" was hit with a malware virus and as a result closed her blog so she wouldn't infect anyone else. It's pretty tough to start over. Her new blog is Sew Here We go Again. I went through the malware scare on last week myself so I can understand her frustration. Please visit her new location:)

-Accessory Hop!
Be on the lookout! The lovely Toy from Life happens Be Positive is hosting an Accessory Hop all next week featuring bloggers and their accessory choices for the fall. I'm excited that I get to participate and showcase some of my accessories. We'll see what I put together.

-Fall Sewing excitement!
I've cleaned up my sewing room and put away summer fabrics and patterns. I'm surprised that I'm actually so excited about fall sewing.  I think I actually got over the urge to sew another jumpsuit. I've pulled out my Fall patterns and fabrics. I'm getting my strategy together now. More to come....
 (Some of the patterns I pulled out.....)
 (.....and fall fabrics)

-Lady Bug vs The Princess
 My family and I don't personally celebrate Halloween but we like the idea of attending Fall Festivals at our church or others where we can dress up "the Wee-One". We planned to attend our first one this year but our church isn't having it this year. I'd looked forward to making "the Wee-One a costume". Right when I was about to nix the idea I noticed a flyer while leaving the YMCA. It turns out a local church and the Y are teaming up to have a Trunk or Treat festival on October 28th. That's perfect!!!! Now we can dress "the Wee-One" up for that. There's just only one challenge now. Originally "the Wee-One" wanted to be a princess--that was all she talked about. I picked out the perfect pattern and was preparing to purchase fabric when she spotted a Lady Bug costume lying around the house that was given to us by my husband's co-worker. Now it seems she may want to be a Lady Bug. What???? Would you pass up a custom sewn costume for some cheap store brand? LOL!!! The event at the Y is only 2 hours long, maybe it's not worth the effort of making a costume. We'll let "the Wee-One" have the final decision:)


  1. Thanks for the "shout-out!" Very kind of you!

    I think the yarn with plastic canvas is a great idea. My 7 year old still finds it entertaining, and it is an injury free and almost frustration free activity.

    On a more abstract note, I was listening to Radio 4 (the BBC's radio station for "smart people," he-he) and there was a famous, ex-ballet dancer talking about the time it takes to make a dancer. She said it takes 10 years to make a dancer, not for the physical training, but to get the brain working quickly and efficiently with the body. It made me think of Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours which equated to about 10 years. I loved that book when I read it too.

  2. Your shoe story made me smile - but I believe that a lot of people actually have feet that are two different sizes - so maybe shoes of different sizes worked out just perfectly for you! I love your snakeskin print dress - and snakeskin is super-fashionable at the moment!

  3. Ok, I am so laughing at the shoe story. You're bold... and smart! Love it!

  4. Congratulations. Your little one is becoming a crafty girl too. I, too, chuckled at the shoe story. Actually one of my feet is larger than the other. Your decision sound good to me. And girl, I love all that fabric and the patterns too. Happy Friday. Enjoy!

  5. Love your dress. I know you and your wee one will have lots of great sewing time.

  6. cute, cute shoes! I went over to Karin's new blog-how nice of you to redirect people.

  7. Cute shoes and what a great bargain story! I really love some of the patterns you pulled out for fall sewing. I'll be watching for your accessory post next week too!

  8. Yarn and plastic canvas is a great idea! My daughter loves making bookmarks and other small items with them! I love the shoes too (-:


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