Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Obsession....

..well at least at the moment is this cute little Simplicity pattern I picked up a few days ago from Jo-Ann's.  I'm really LOVING this dress. Like really LOVING it!!!! I pulled out a dark mid-weight denim from my stash and hope to have this done by the weekend. I've always wanted a cute denim dress and hope this fits the bill. We will see. Pray for me----I've got a jam packed weekend of things to do but want to make this dress happen. In the meantime I'll just keep obsessing!!!! What about you....what's your obsession at the moment?


  1. Obsessing over denim blue at the moment, my ownself. Have a lightweight middle-blue denim short sleeved blouse in the machine. Am waiting to find the perfect fastener for a hoodie in the same fabric. Have wide-legged pants cut out of a linen-cotton blend giant paisley print in the same blue, with cream and tan and navy. What is is about Fall that makes us think denim? Probably only that it is finally cool enough to consider wearing something that heavy (I live in NC. We're on the same weather track as Atlanta.) Hope that your dress is all that you dream it to be, and that you wear it in good health for a long time.

  2. I'll be interested to know what you think of the pattern. The designer's Oliver+s patterns are fantastic!

  3. I bought the pattern too, but I haven't yet got round to thinking about making it. It will be perfect in denim. I suggest using snaps instead of buttons cuz a) I'm freaked out by buttons and b) snaps are so cute - and quicker to install.

  4. I hope your pattern works out well, this seem to be a dress everyone loves.
    I've been obsessed about picking fabrics for my first quilt and yarn for my
    handknitted dresses to go with my knit dresses during the winter.

  5. Cute pattern! Of course I want it but I already have a couple of shirtdress patterns :( The reviews look great on PR so I know you should have great results - especially dark denim! I am kind of obsessed with shirtstyle dresses too, I really want one with an asymmetrical hem.

  6. A cute denim dress will be lovely, especially at this time of the year! At the moment I am very much in non-obsessional mode in that I have dozens of things I want to make and can't home in on any one of them - I'm in a frenzy of indecision!

  7. I think that dress will be lovely for you and hope that you can get some fast stitching done by the weekend. I'm always obsessing over something! I'm a great obsessor I guess. At the moment the list goes something like this:
    .black/white or (grey) wool or wool blend tweed - I only need 2 yards and can't find any ANYWHERE!!!
    .pattern grading rulers. Saw some listed on a British website, but can't find it in the U.S.
    .also trying to make a decision on whether or not a new sewing book will fit the budget.
    .curtain sliders - do you know what they are? My friend has them on her living room curtains, says she got them at Joann's of a clearance rack a while ago. I LOVE THEM, but can't find them anywhere.
    Told you I'm a great obsessor!

  8. That is a great pattern! I made it at the end of summer and love it! Can't wait to see yours! As for obsessions...wool! Tweed, herringbone, you name it. If only I could sew as fast as I can think.


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