Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Correction re: Wax Tracing Paper!!!

I was having a delightful email convo with my wonderful sewing buddy Myra from Simple Inspirations and discovered I made a mistake---thanks Myra. I posted a few days that the 26X39 Wax Tracing Paper was $14.85-$17 per sheet. I was wrong. I called to verify and it turns out you get 3 sheets for that amount. Their "3 sheet minimum" wording confused me. This news is spectacular for me! I'm probably going to buy 2 sets of the light blue and 2 sets of the white. That's 6 of each color. There's a reason I need so many and when I get them I'll give a little demo as to why.  A thousand apologies for the confusion!!!

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  1. So happy I could help Victoria! I can't wait to see your demonstration, I always like learning something new!


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