Monday, February 15, 2016

Time for a Little Pampering.......

I've been sewing and working like mad so it's really important for me to take some time out to pamper myself. For those who know me really well know that I'm all about natural skin products! I'm pretty picky and a bit of a simple girl so one or two good brands is all I need. Well I was SUPER EXCITED to give the Ju Bel Le Natural Product line a try. I LOVE the philosophy of the company. I've known the founder,  Tayia Belle for a few years and she's passionate about creating a product that nourishes skin as well as excite and amaze the senses. Well I received my first 4 products  and all I can say is I wish I'd ordered sooner!!!! Here's my review of the products below....

 The products came very beautifully packaged.....

I LOVE this little wooden box!

I couldn't help getting excited just unwrapping them. So pretty! And the smell of the soap was amazing! The box contained a 4oz jar of Vanilla Lavendar All Natural Body Scrub, A generously sized bottle of Hydrating Moisturizer, a 4 oz jar of Vanilla Lavendar All Natural Body Butter and a bar of vanilla lavendar soap!

Here's the body butter jar and it was packaged so beautifully, as was everything else, and completely sealed. I peeled back the wrapper and.......

....was delighted to see and feel wonderfully textured body butter. This stuff is fluffy and thick! The perfect consistency. Reminds me of  the perfect cake cake icing. I've had body butters that were a bit watered down but that's not the case with this. Plus is smells so yummy! The combination of vanilla and lavender makes for a very calming yet invigorating scent!

The body scrub product was equally impressive. Again, the smell is simply amazing!

I like the consistency of this too. The oils in addition to the sugar and dead sea salt and other natural ingredients gave this just the right amount of thickness! This went on fairly easy. I enjoyed rubbing it around on my hand while I watched my favorite TV show. When I rinsed it off the skin on my hand was completely soft. That's saying alot give the fact I have really rough, dry hands! I added some of the body butter and I can't stop touching my hands! They're so soft!

I also tried the hydrating moisturizer which has a lovely citrus scent and moisturizing capability and the soap! I'm excited to give my current natural products the bump and enjoy these! So if you're looking to try amazing natural products for the first time or want to try a great new brand I can't recommend Ju Bel Le Naturals enough! I am a small business owner and I LOVE other small businesses out there that are producing great products! Give Ju Bel Le Naturals a try and you'll receive 10% off your first order after joining their mailing list!!!! Also check them out on Facebook! Now I'm going to rub some more body butter on my hands and get back to sewing.......:)


  1. "I am a small business owner"
    What business is that? Is it a sewing business? I'm always psyched when I hear someone is earning a living sewing.

  2. Almost everyone I know are using natural skincare products now! So have I sense I went natural (hair) if you years ago. I I truly enjoy the natural ingredients and sometime make them myself. (I always make my hair care butter). I'll go over to their site and take a look, thanks for the tip and enjoy your spa time!

  3. BTW... The packaging was very creative as well as pretty!


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