Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Turtleneck Dress that Almost Was....

Happy Sunday!!!! Hope you're having a restful one! My client just came by to pick up/try on her custom made Pink Faux leather overall's she plans to wear at her Sweet 16 Birthday party next weekend. She loved them! Pictures coming soon!!! I spent most of yesterday finishing those up and afterwards I wanted to make up a quick dress to wear to church on today. Since making THIS turtleneck dress I've been so DESPERATELY wanting to make it again. So I pulled out a brown, black and off-white slinky knit in this cool abstract print and got to work. The dress literally takes like 1 hour to make. So I did a quick fitting once it was nearly complete and realized that adding the turtleneck would make it look to busy. Instead I added some self-binding around the edge and I think it worked perfectly! I got lots of compliments at church. So it's the dress that didn't quite become a turtleneck but I liked it just the same. I still plan to make some more turtleneck dresses. I really NEED them in my life! Here's some pics of the finished dress......

(Front view)

 (I changed my hair up a bit and added highlights. I've wanted them for quite some time. It's been almost 17 years since I had them last. Thought I needed a little change. I love them!)

 (Back view)

Ok, I need to make some more quick and easy pieces. My wardrobe needs to be beefed up and quick!!!


  1. Love your dress and I agree a turtleneck would have been too much. Looks so nice.

  2. Lovely dress. I love the print!

  3. Beautiful dress! I agree a turtleneck would have been too much. Love your dress.

  4. It looks good on you and your hair looks AWESOME too ;)

  5. Love the dress!! one hour??? wow!

  6. good call on the turtle neck! The dress looks great!

  7. Gorgeous! Love the dress and the hair! Pure perfection!

  8. I love your dress. One of the nice things about sewing is that we can re-create a look to our pleasing. Your hair looks very nice!


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